Activity Report for June 2019

Activity Report for June 2019

activity report for June 2019

So far this year, the activity report for June 2019 below, shows that my online business continues to improve. And June was the first month that earned 3 digits, more than all prior months have for 2019. Yet June still missed the mark for it’s set income goal.


Again, Amazon associate sales made up all of June’s income results. All other affiliate programs remain silent. Also my in-house sales for June remain dead. I need to do more work for this part of my business.

Of course as an affiliate, you are rarely paid for sales up front. You got to wait for the payment cycle, which for me is typically 60 days. Until I get more revenue payments, my promotion resources will remain thin.

The good news is my total income for June greatly improved over May which more than doubled. And my commission percentage also increased by just over a percent to 6.97%. This made June’s income $134.10.


I knew and prepared for a larger upcoming expense for June. My annual theme and plugin membership renewal that came due. Plus another domain name needed renewed. All in all, my total expenses for June was $157.48.

Bottom Line

Even though I had my best sale’s month to date that generated a 3-digit income month, my expenses were even more. So I suffered a loss for the month of June which amounted to $23.48, which is not that bad. Of course the goal is to always make a profit.

June improved over the previous month, which makes it 5 months in a row now.  I hope to keep this running streak going!


Web Traffic:

Web traffic continued to improve in June. However, the increase was small at just 2.8% over last month. One site came close to set traffic goals. And 3 sites met or exceeded their set traffic goals. Just 9 of my 13 sites are currently being tracked, which will change in the near future.

Article Posts & Reviews:

I continued my focus on writing more post reviews for June and succeeded. 21 posts were published which improved by 23.54% over last month’s 17 posts.

Site remodeling is still underway and making slow progress. Yes, I’m behind schedule and the looks of it seem to show that not all of my sites will make it by the end of the year. This is one of those times having to do it all is a real drag on time resources.

Email marketing and mail lists:

Unfortunately, this is a major area I’m still struggling with. None of my lists have heard from me which is not good. I hope to salvage what I can when I can focus regularly on my lists. I have plans to revitalize my efforts in the somewhat near future.

Activity Report Results

The end of June also brought to a close the second quarter which showed a remarkable improvement over the first quarter. I’m looking to continue this trends as well. With further ado, here are the results for my online business activity report for June 2019 as shown:

 websitesearnedprice% of sale
 Affiliate Sales$134.10 $1,924.436.97%
 Inhouse Sales$0.00$0.000%
Sub-total:$134.10 $1,924.436.97%
 services$157.48Themes + Domain renewals
TOTAL: -$23.38LOSS 
Blog posts & Reviews2123.53% increase
Page Views (avg per site)330.82.8% increase
 EMAIL LISTS:opt-insactive  

End of activity report for June 2019.

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