Hello and welcome to the about me page!

mds_2014_150X150My name is Michel (Mike) Snook and I am the face behind Glowball Web Network.

I reside in the United States, in the state of Ohio, and town of Massillon where my home office is located. I am now a widower with the loss of my wife after being married for more than 34 years, have two adult children and two amazing grandsons.

I suffer from a multitude of interests and rarely fully master any one of them. It may explain why I have 3 college degrees, a number of diplomas, and around a dozen or so niche websites.

I began my online journey of experiences when I was finally cut loose from my dog collar in May of 2008. That is when I bought my first laptop computer, a printer and router to connect with the Internet.

During the summer of 2008, I researched many opportunities during those first few months becoming quickly overwhelmed with all the offers that I ran across daily. At the same time, I had to learn all the jargon to understand what was being offered, the who’s who of Internet marketing and why I needed to have it or know it.

After buying several lower priced ebooks and programs, I finally settled on a program that charged more than I could actually afford, believing that it would deliver a “done for you” online business that I was desperately looking to get. I invested $3,200.00 into this program and countless hours of my time. I was assigned a “mentor” and given a ready made website to promote. To say the least, the program and help offered fell far short leaving me hanging high and dry.

By the summer of 2009, I was still hungry to succeed with my own business and continued to search for an expert who could help me succeed online. I bought into another program, this one taking $997.00. This program was more complete than the first one, but greatly lacking in quality of information and understandable instruction. Even though it was touted as a “newbie” program, it really made a lot of assumptions and was hard to follow. From this experience, I did learn about niche marketing as an affiliate getting two website up and running on my own; while becoming sort of an expert with WordPress in the process. And I did make a some affiliate sales with me being my best customer.

The next move I made for the following few years (2010-11) was investing into a series of training programs offered by another online “guru”. At least I could understand everything that was said. He provided decent organizational tools that helped me out (or at least made me feel good about myself and what I was attempting to do online). So I ended up getting his Online Affiliate Income program. After following all the step by step instructions and watching all the training video’s, I ended up putting together another website. This time it was a “niche” site focused on helping others with WordPress while promoting related Clickbank products. My site was then critiqued by other members and a mentor of the program. I made tweaks to the site from the advice given, then regularly posted articles and waited for the sales to roll-in… my results: just heard crickets.

Since then up till now, I have purchased enough premade niche websites, PLR products to promote while staying in affiliate marketing primarily focused with Clickbank and Amazon. I have used different marketing tactics (unfortunately haphazardly) with poor results. Even though I have made a few sales, I could never make a living off of it let alone enough to buy a meal. And I have kept at it for hours on end each day, 6 days a week never giving up as it’s all wearing me down.

But now I have reached a crossroad of sorts; putting my faith, time and money into another program that I hope will lead to the promised land… regular consistent income. In the process of my online business journey so far, I have learned what doesn’t work! Now I am focused on learning and developing what will work!

As I have said before, life is a journey to a destination, without either it becomes meaningless. So I am focused on enjoying the journey as I pursue my destination and welcome you to follow along as I post my progress, observations, and results along the way.

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