Activity Report for November 2019

Activity Report for November 2019

activity report for November 2019

November improved by 6 places compared to last year . It moved up from #8 last year to #2 this year so far (1 month left). You can see more about it in the activity report for November 2019 below.


Amazon associate sales was my only source of income for November. And only 3 of my Amazon promoting sites made sales. All other sites remain income dead which is disturbing to me. I gave up on resolving my autoresponder issues during November. Which mean my email marketing efforts are also dead.

Yet November was my 2nd best commission sales month for the year. And it really improved over last year. Unfortunately, it still missed it’s set monthly income goal. On the other hand, my average commission earning percentage increased for the month to 7.5%. All said, November generated $183.93 in affiliate income.


However expenses increased as well. I had 4 domain renewals, but they were the only expense for the month. Internet service expenses are still being deferred for now. So November expenses ended up being $52.64.

Bottom Line

November was another profitable month! The total monthly gain was $131.29. That’s $49.50 better than last month. Of course, I won’t see this money until early next year. Yet it is a welcome outcome.


Web Traffic:

The total average web traffic increased over last month by nearly 21%. Part of the reason for the increase is because of the season.

I’m still only tracking 11 of my 13 active sites. Only one site met or surpassed its set traffic goal for the month. Only one other site met its goal just over half way. And the rest are still struggling.

Article Posts & Reviews:

Product reviews and article posts dropped again in November by nearly 30% from October. I only managed to publish 22 posts for the month. That’s also way off from my 52 article post and reviews monthly goal. My focus was on a new site to prepare it for launch. I’ve missed the mark with that as well.

I also invested  time conducting research on several of my niche sites that were doing well and then stopped. After taking a look at those markets, I discovered my materials and approach are not as effective in those niches anymore. So I will need to make changes to those sites with more than just cosmetic design updates.

Email marketing and mail lists:

I’ve given up on my autoresponder that I’ve been using (discovered it hasn’t been working correctly since March). And all email service solutions I’ve researched are not financially feasible for me. Yeah, there are those that are “free”, but they add their non-commission promo link at the bottom of every email you send out.

I also looked into Amazon services and gave up on the complexity of setting that up correctly. Oh, there are services available to help you set it up – but they charge far more than several years worth of what commercial email services charge for their services. Some companies act as though anyone in business should pay big corporate rates.

Activity Report Results

Anyway without further ado, here are the results for my online business activity report for November 2019 as shown below:

 websitesearnedsales% of sale
 Affiliate Sales$183.93$2,452.817.5%
 Inhouse Sales$0.00$0.000%
 services$52.64renewals, ISP services deferred
TOTAL: $131.29GAIN 
Blog posts & Reviews22-29.03% decrease
Page Views (avg per site)229.820.95% increase
 EMAIL LISTS:opt-insprospectsstatus
 TSA0366On Hold
 iMW0154On Hold
 BlueMoon0721No Change

End of activity report for November 2019.

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