Activity Report for December 2019

Activity Report for December 2019

activity report for December 2019December 2019 more than doubled online sales compared to last year. Yet it placed 7th for the year just as it did in 2018. You can see more about it in the activity report for December 2019 below.


No surprise that Amazon associate sales were the only active sales for December. And this time 4 of my Amazon promoting sites made sales. All other sites were quiet for the month. Even website activity was down.

As usual, December missed it’s set monthly income goal. And my average commission earning percentage dropped for the month to 6.87% compared to November. December credited affiliate income ended up being $70.13.


December was a month of increased expenses. I got a plugin package for one of my websites that I’ll be using in 2020. Plus those plugins are available to add to other sites.

I also finally started paying back on the deferred monthly Internet Services loan I’ve accumulated over the months. I did this before it completely gets way out of hand. So December expenses ended up being nearly $200.

Bottom Line

The month of December ended up being a loss! The loss was just under $130.


Web Traffic:

As mentioned above, website activity was down for the month. The total average web traffic decreased compared to last month by just over 41%. December always seems to wind down especially during the last week anyway. Only one site met its set traffic goal for the month. And only one other site met its goal just over half way. The rest of my sites are not doing very well with traffic lately.

Article Posts & Reviews:

At least product reviews and article posts increased in December over 36% compared to November. I publish 30 posts for the month. I worked on additional product and article posts that are ready to go, but I’m waiting to complete other elements that will tie in those posts before publishing them.

Email marketing and mail lists:

Email marketing and mail lists were dead for December as well. My email marketing effort will be reinstated for 2020 but will most likely be from scratch. I will still reach out to my old lists, but most likely those subscribers have lost interest they once had by now.

Activity Report Results

With December closing out the end of the year, here are the results for my online business activity report for December 2019 as shown below:

Income/Expense Report:
Gross Sales*EarningsExpensesNet Sales

*Earnings reported are based on what was credited for that month, not paid. Actual earning realized for the month can take up to 90 days before being paid.

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