Activity Report for January 2019

Activity Report for January 2019

January results 2019

Already 2019 has started out as a rough year for my business. All my websites continuously experienced hosting issues until mid-month. And the universal online theme seems to be limits. Limiting API requests. Limiting social post notifications. Limiting the speed and quality signal of the Internet. And the list goes on. But this only seems to affect those of us with limited budgets.


I made NO income, no sales, nothing but headache for the month of January. That’s because I started experiencing hosting problems mid-December that continued into January. And the hosting company’s tech support basically blew me off. Which in turn, ticked me off.

The hosting server where my site reside went down several times in mid-December for hours. And when they finally got it back up and running, I started to experience countless 500 internal server errors for my sites. Those errors continued into January. I submitted at least a dozen support tickets and basically got no where with them. Suffice it to say, I will NOT be renewing my account with them when it expires next year.

Needless to say, I made zero dollars and zero cents for the month. And the main reason for this was intermittent non-working, non-accessible websites where the bulk of my revenue generation resides.


Because I’ve been experiencing revenue generating issues as mentioned above, I have kept my expenses as low as possible. Just two of my website domains came due in which I renewed. All other expenses I have been able to defer for now.

So overall business expenses for January were minimal at just $26.

Bottom Line

Already I’ve started out the year with a loss for the month. Even though minimal, it’s still a loss. And it is much worse than what it was last year at the same time period.


Web Traffic:

January experienced a significant decrease in web traffic from last month. It was nearly cut by half! Again a big reason was with hosting server issues that affect all my websites.

Also, Google search console sent me numerous notices about their search bots experiencing 500 internal server errors that prevented them from crawling my sites. I addressed every one. And once I had finally solved the issue, which was by the third week in January, I worked on having Google validate each site once again.

Article Posts & Reviews:

I didn’t get much done in the way of article posts and reviews. I used most of my time learning about and working on my website internal server errors.

Despite all that, I did manage to post 16 product reviews with an article for the month. And if there are no more hosting issues to resolve, I hope to increase that number for February.

Because December was also a challenge, I actually managed to increase this month’s posts by one!

Email marketing and mail lists:

Because I couldn’t reach my audience through my websites, and don’t even start with me about social media, I focused my attention on email marketing.

I had setup an offer on one of my sites a few months back. And since it was setup using HTML, it was accessible. So I sent out emails to all my cold lists to that free offer. Needless to say, it was a bust. I had the lowest open rates that I’ve ever experienced. So it is back to the drawing board.

The only positive outcome was that I could remove additional dead accounts from those lists. And also improve each list’s email deliverability.

Activity Report Results

Below are the results of my online business activity report for January 2019:

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End of activity report for January 2019.

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