Self Motivation, Are You Inspired?

Self Motivation

It is said when you find the key to self motivation, you will also have the key to success and happiness. However, it can be an elusive key, as self motivation is a difficult concept to understand and put into practice.

The best way to define self motivation is having the ability to realize a goal or desire without the help of others. In other words, you inspire yourself!

Importance of self motivation

There are a number of motivation courses one can join to achieve and maintain the level of enthusiasm needed to move forward.

Even though it’s generally agreed that these courses are good, the results most of the time are only temporary. Motivation is like a bath. We need it every day.

With constant daily doses of motivation, you can be inspired to continue your projects and maintain momentum until the desired goal is reached.

Motivation helps us to keep focused on the task at hand. If we’re not focused then we find ourselves struggling and being distracted. Self-motivation is finding a way to channel your energy in the proper direction.

Self motivation methods

It’s important to find a method of self motivation that works for you. I have a few suggestions. Some gain motivation through a religious belief. Simply by turning their needs and desires over to God or a higher power, He will accomplish or grant those things as they’re needed in life.

Through meditation and prayer, you can achieve it. Even though faith can be a powerful motivator, the faithful believe that faith without works is useless. Combine faith with work, it can achieve wonders.

Effective self motivation

Self motivation inspires many people, but they lack the ability to make it happen. To be effective, you must first harness your emotions. You can do this by understanding them. Realize that there will be highs and lows in your life.

That means some days you’ll be in orbit and other days someone will have to scrape you up from the floor. True self motivators can handle this wide swing of emotions. They simply understand that beyond every valley, there is a peak.

Also realize that a surge of energy usually comes along at the beginning of a project or idea and self motivation happens easily. But after the newness wears off and you encounter a few setbacks, doubt sets in and your energy level drops along with your motivation. Now, you’re faced with the possibility of failure and it becomes difficult to continue.


Recognize that the path to success is never straight up a mountain. Know that you’ll meet many obstacles along the way. With self motivation, you’ll find a way to go up, over, around or under anything that stands in your way.

Preparation helps you handle the lows and anticipate the highs. You must resist negativity and find the path back to positive thinking. With proper attitude, creative thinking and self-reflection, you can once again travel on the road to success. Stir-up self motivation from within and self motivation will inspire you. Each feeds on the other as you maximize your motivation.

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  1. just what I needed to read. Recently, I forgot what I was aiming for in life, it seems like everything is in gray hue. I’m trying to find my motivation emotionally and when it comes to my work too. Anyways, great read. Cheers!

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