Activity Report for April 2019

Activity Report for April 2019

May 2019 results

The activity report for April 2019 continues to improve. Still the results compared to set goals are off the mark. It’s also taking me longer to set up a complex sales funnel than what was originally planed. At least affiliate sales continue to improve as well.


Amazon associate sales made up half the expected income. Clickbank finally came through as I’ve been struggling to overcome their CDR policy. And I had another inhouse sale.

I actually had higher ticket sales on Clickbank. But again, just before the 60 day money back guarantee ran out, refunds were requested and granted. This seems to happen way too much!

With that said, total income for April shows a big improvement over March. However, March was miscalculated and reported as $16.59. It actually ended up making $34.57 instead. Still, April brought in $47.42.


April expenses were more inline with what was expected than March. I had one domain name renewal plus bought 2 offers. One included a WordPress plugin I wanted along with another plugin that curates from set sources when activated.

I suspended all paid advertising for April. That’s because I’m still working on my sales funnel. Also, I decided to go back to using double opt-ins to improve subscriber quality. With that said, total expenses for April were a manageable $35.24.

Bottom Line

With improved sales and reduced expense, I made a gross profit for April. It wasn’t much, at $12.18, but it is on the right track.


Web Traffic:

Web traffic for April continued to improve. This time by 26% over last month. And March’s traffic improved over the month before it. At least it continues to be on an upward trend. Two sites came close to set goals. One site exceeded it’s set traffic goals.

Web traffic on 4 of my newer websites are still not being tracked until they are complete. However, I did add 3 of them to Google Search Console to get them ready for web analytics when they are ready.

Article Posts & Reviews:

This past month, I did concentrate on more post reviews. I had a total of 14, which is a big improvement over last month’s one post!

Even though I’m now focused on remodeling one site at time, I still need to keep active on those other sites. This is slowing down my remodeling schedule, but the results show it is worth doing.

Email marketing and mail lists:

Email marketing was dead for April. No new subscribers were added. Autoresponders continued to send out emails to the newer subscribers of  47 and 42 respectively. However, open rates are terrible. This is one of the biggest reasons that I decided to go back to double opt-ins so that I can improve my open rates.

Activity Report Results

With no further ado, here are the results as shown on my online business activity report for April 2019 below:

 websitesearnedprice% of sale
 Affiliate Sales$44.84 $427.4410.5%
 Inhouse Sales$2.58$2.9786.9%
Sub-total:$47.42 $430.41 11.0%
 purchases$22.082 WP plugin offers
 services$13.16Domain renewal
TOTAL: $12.18GAIN 
Blog posts & Reviews141300% increase
Page Views (avg per site)245.026.09% increase
 EMAIL LISTS:opt-insactive  

End of activity report for April 2019.

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