Activity Report for September 2019

Activity Report for September 2019

activity report for September 2019

Traditionally, September has been a good month for me . And this time it continued to meet that tradition income wise. You can see more about it in the activity report for September 2019 below.


Amazon associate sales continue to be my only source of income for September. My non promoting Amazon sites continue to struggle. I still have not worked on resolving my autoresponder issues. So email marketing remains dead.

September remained as my 4th best commission sales month for the year as it did last year. However, it made more this round than it did last time. My average commission earning percentage dropped again to 6.5%. Even though less than August’s income, it was $77.76.


My total expenses for the month, with ISP service continuing to be deferred, were ZERO. No domain renewals. No hosting fees (even though they exist and paid every once in a while). But having no expenses will change for the remaining upcoming months.

Bottom Line

With September as the 4th best month and no expenses, it ended up being another profitable month! The total monthly gain was $77.76 – that’s $48.55 better than last month. Even though, September also failed to meet it’s set income goals.


Web Traffic:

The total average web traffic dropped for the month by 18.38% from last month. Only 11 of my 13 active sites are being tracked, and only one site surpassed its set traffic goal for the month. Only one other site came close to meeting its goal. And the rest are still pitiful.

Article Posts & Reviews:

September’s post reviews and articles dropped. That’s because I published a record number in August. But in September, I only published 32 posts which is a -44.83% decreased from the prior month. Ideally, I’d like to be publishing a total of 52 article posts and reviews per month average. Once site remodeling is completed, I should have more time to write.

Which leads in to site remodeling. Because I am so far behind schedule, a new schedule has been created. No longer am I focused on doing a site in a few weeks. Instead I’ll do a site to completion before starting the next one without time constraints. Some will take longer than others to do. And I focused on improving my top sites first.

Email marketing and mail lists:

My email marketing efforts remain dead. With so many other things happening, I haven’t had the time to get back on track with this area. Also my funds had been low until recently when affiliate earnings have finally come around to be paid. With the needed funds, I can go back to setting my email marketing efforts up the way I’ve intended it.

Activity Report Results

With all that said, here are the results for my online business activity report for September 2019 as shown below:

 websitesearnedsales% of sale
 Affiliate Sales$77.76$1,195.436.5%
 Inhouse Sales$0.00$0.000%
 services$0.00ISP services deferred
TOTAL: $77.76GAIN 
Blog posts & Reviews32-44.83% decrease
Page Views (avg per site)196.3-18.38% decrease
 EMAIL LISTS:opt-insprospectsstatus
 TSA0366On Hold
 iMW0154On Hold
 BlueMoon0721No Change

End of activity report for September 2019.

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