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I’ve been doing my best to keep up with my online business, but it has been difficult because I have had to attend to issues with my mom’s estate as executor and trustee. I am honored that my mom had enough confidence in me to carry out her wishes after she passed. But even the best laid plans cannot anticipate all contingencies until they happen, and believe me when I say they happen.

The same can be said about running an online business, or any business in for that matter. Things constantly pop up that you didn’t have a plan for or even could foresee. If we could, then we would all be psychics and could take care of matters before they became issues. However just because we can’t really do that, does it mean we should stop planning or even trying at all? Of course not!

There are times when a plan does come together and the benefits outweigh the risks. That is why you often hear that running a business has risks. The idea behind running a business effectively is to find ways to reduce, even eliminate as many of those risks as possible. This can only happen with planning and experience. The better you can plan and anticipate, the greater your chances of success, but it still is no guarantee.

Thomas Edison took 3,000 designed tests before he had a working light bulb good enough to patent. Imagine going through it just 100 times over a particular area of a business just to get it working right. How well would you endure? That is why it is often said that it takes most successful businesses 3-5 years before they start, that’s START to show a profit. But by then, most business startups (over 80%) have already quit.

I have been online since 2009. By 2010, I started to see results with successful sales, but then watched it fall apart by the end of that same year. Each time I had failed, I would reinvented myself and business from scratch. Now that I have arrived to the edge of the precipice of success once again, I can see that it is not always good to start over from scratch, especially if you have some of those elements that worked.

Now my focus has been drawn to what to plan for next. And the answer is to mainly focus on driving targeted traffic to iPro offers. And I have noticed the recent success of other iPro members who seem to have gotten it from using solo ads.

So my focus this past week was investigating solo ads and solo ad providers. What an eye opener! It seems that just about everybody and their sister is offering them to others. With so many available, it was a daunting task just to take a look at them all. So I started off using two resources, iPro partnership solo ad provider list and the Warrior forum.

I quickly discovered that there are many ways to be scammed by this method, even though it is a really great way to send targeted traffic to your offer when it is legit. You can easily pay anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar per lead to your offer page, the higher the price charged doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality traffic. And the methods actually used to get those clicks can range from pop-ups, banner ad clicks, and so on, which is a far cry from an active exclusive buyers list.

However after looking at dozens of more legitimate solo ad providers (at least those who were recommended), patterns started to emerge from their sale pages. This is when I started to note which ad providers would be better to pursue. Here are the factors that I consider to be important:

  • If they don’t want to send their list to empower network (or similar program offers), then it most likely is a better list.
  • If they want only free offers to be sent to their list, then I tend to shy away from those providers. That’s because I see it as a good possibility that their list was built upon freebie seekers and not buyers. You might get a lot of optins to your offer from their list, but it will be a harder sell to get them to actually buy something.
  • Those who insist on the right to completely change your offer to their liking (or purpose), or those who will only accept your order if they write it for you. I tend to stay away from those because they could be using you to boost their offers on your dime.
  • Not allowing you to use third party tracking methods to verify their delivery to your offer. This is a double edge sword, because the reason could be legitimate or devious. A third party tracking system can be sophisticated enough to “get their list” so I could see why they would want to protect it (or the source they use). On the other hand, a devious provider doesn’t want you to find out that they are cheating you by actually using other clicking methods to achieve their delivery.
  • Other issues to look into include how actual clicks (raw vs unique) are counted, guaranteed delivery, when delivered, whether to contact them BEFORE buying, easy to contact, and so on.

Also your email offer needs to be enticing enough for them to click to the squeeze page. Solo ads make sure that the paid number of clicks happen (or some providers will refund the difference). And the squeeze page needs to be convincing enough to get conversions which will hopefully lead to sales. This part is up to you to know how to do it.

Another advantage of solo ads is that most providers have a list that is target marketed. No guessing about the audience when it comes to the market. But that is where it stops. Anything else is still guesswork. That is why it is good to test first, before blowing a wad of money on anyone.

Which comes to my final point. Not all of us has access to a generous budget to test out everyone, if anyone. Because there are so many solo ad providers and many make claims that cannot be proven until tested, without the funds, makes it nearly impossible. So then other indicators need to be used to help guide you as to who to try first, which includes using good sense.

If you are like me with only a limited amount to invest, then you, too, will want to be cautious with whom you select to get the best return for you money. The following example will help make it clear.

Let’s say that we only have $100 to invest in solo advertising. Once that money is gone, unless enough of those potential leads become sales, we have no more money to spend. All is riding on the success of this campaign. Your two choices are:

Provider #1 who insists that you provide a free offer to his list or he will not run your ad.

Provider #2 who guarantees that he will send your offer only to his exclusive buyers list.

With all other considerations being the same, which one would you choose?

About Michel

Michel has been actively involved online since 2009. He started Glowball Web Network in October of 2011. He has broad experience including what he achieved from many of the online training programs he’s taken over the years. He’s knows what works and doesn’t work and is willing to share his knowledge with you on this site and partner sites. More importantly, he continually to stay updated since it’s always changing!
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  1. It is hard to stay on track when your time is taken up with other pressing matters. I remember it took a long time to sort out my late mothers estate. It is neer an easy job.

    You pose some interesting questions Mike.

    I have asked solo ad sellers about sending the offer to their buyers only lists and they have said that they send to a list that includes buyers.

    A solo ad sent to a buyers only list costs more as you no doubt know and are harder to find in my experience.

    Secondly, I have never come across a solo ad seller who will not allow you to use a third party tracking link.

    I bought Ad Trakz Gold on the advice of other marketers and a coach after I discovered that my ClixTrac count always showed fewer clicks than those sellers using AdTackz Gold.

    But since I bought it I have heard that AdTrackz Gold records higher clicks than actual. So, I don’t know any more!

    I did one 200 click solo that included buyers but it only resulted in one measly sale. Perhaps the answer is to seek out the buyers lists and pay more.

    Like everything else it’s a matter of testing.


    • Hi Sandy, thank you for commenting.

      I’ve been exhausted trying to keep up with everything; my online business, my mom’s estate, my own property and home life.

      I have run into some solo ads where the provider didn’t want a third party tracking system used. That raised some red flags for me and why I mentioned it. I do know that there are tracking systems sophisticated enough to “discover” their list or source (how they are getting those clicks). The shady provider would be more likely be the insistent ones.

      I’ve thought about third party tracking systems, but decided to set up my initial ads using the custom links from iPro for now. Since iPro has a follow up funnel system, I am going to let it do the work for now as well.

      As for buyers vs. seekers, most buyers often don’t buy the first time either. This is especially true when they haven’t heard of the system or person who is behind it. That is why it is important to have follow ups. But when you have just seekers, even follow ups are a waste of time with them. That is why it is important to work with buyers to begin with, and have a good follow up system.

      I agree testing is very important, but is unfortunately limited to what one can afford! Like anyone else, I want successful ads that produce sales that not only cover the cost of the first ad, but provide enough to continue on with the next ad.

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