Update for November 2014

Hello-November-update Sorry, it has been awhile since I have last posted anything here on this website. Most of my efforts and time have been focused with the newer site launched back in August called The Smart Affiliate, obviously geared to affiliate marketing and all the things that go with it.

Since then, I write and post 4 to 5 articles per week on that site! Each article is between 750 to 1500 words of related information, following a theme for each day of the week (Monday through Friday). I also create the graphics for each post, so by the time I am finished with all that, I have used up 4-5 hours that day.

On top of it, I also run 8 other active websites that I schedule to maintain on a weekly basis which includes updating, backups, answering comments, dumping spam, and adding product review posts (about 2-3 for each site). This can take up another 2-3 hours of time per day.

Also, I have (embarrassed to say) 16 active email accounts with 4 needing constant attention. The other ones I split up visiting through the week. However on average, this takes up another hour or more of my time daily.

Then I have a number of social network accounts on Twitter, Facebook, along with LinkedIn and now Tumblr. I find that I easy put in 1-2 hours per day with this.

So far, I now have 8-11 hours per day just dedicated to these functions and haven’t even begun to do what I need to do which is promoting my affiliate products. Whenever I can squeeze in time, I write another email for my autoresponder, continue putting together traffic tactic plans to create ad campaigns waiting to be executed, and so on.

By the time I get to the end of the day, I am burned out and exhausted (yet really didn’t get much accomplished, just filled in my day with busy work). This doesn’t even cover the webinars I attend, training videos I watch, and new products I get to help me automate some of these processes more efficiently.

What is really crazy is when I do find and get some automation, it is never easy to implement right away. There is always having to learn how to set it up and customize it to your needs.

It sounds good until you start the customization and find hours later you really didn’t make much progress and still don’t fully understand how to do it. And when you are able to get back to it, more time has passed where you have to review it all over again to pickup from where you left off, crazy!

To boot, because of my determination to dedicate my time to get The Smart Affiliate to the level I had hoped for, I have lost focus on generating revenue and my business bank account shows it!

What is even more sad is that the only revenue I’ve generated since launching The Smart Affiliate is with a few of my sites that I have neglected have made a few Amazon sales. While the other sites that I have been dedicating my time with, have not produced a thing, again crazy!

However as I continue to write articles for my blog posts or reviews, I have noticed that words flow easier for me and will eventually save time that I can then use to focus on generating revenue. As a business owner, what I am doing is backwards, I know.

I have also started several product lines where one is just waiting for graphics to be done. Two others have the base work completed, just need modified and graphics done. And I worry by the time I actually get back to it to finish, enough time will have gone by requiring me to have to update it again, crazy!

I am debating with myself whether to push my revenue streams now which would be hard-pressed for me to do, or set them up to be done for the first of the year? With a draining bank account, chances are I will press myself into doing it sooner than later, crazy!

About Michel

Michel has been actively involved online since 2009. He started Glowball Web Network in October of 2011. He has broad experience including what he achieved from many of the online training programs he’s taken over the years. He’s knows what works and doesn’t work and is willing to share his knowledge with you on this site and partner sites. More importantly, he continually to stay updated since it’s always changing!
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