Tracking Stats and Posting in Forums, are You Serious?

This past Friday, I finished up module 2 of the Quick Start Challenge. After watching the training videos, I was inspired to take action for this phase. As suggested, I located and installed the Google Analytics plugin for my site and added the site to my Google analytics account so that I could begin monitoring traffic tracking stats. As of now, I don’t understand all the dynamics to the elements of tracking stats and what they signify. But in time, I sure that I will come to know it.

More importantly, I was exposed to two (actually three) traffic tactics in the module that I have run across before, but never really considered implementing until now. I guess one of the reasons for it was that I seem to be drawn to that which is simple to implement and almost automatic to do with little effort. It isn’t because I am lazy, I’m not! It is because I have too many irons in the fire and I actually struggle to keep up with it all. So I am always on the lookout for shortcuts that produce results, saving time and money whenever possible.

And of course the one tactic, posting in forums, instantly created a dilemma for me on what to do. I already have an account to a major marketing forum and kept the user up to now relatively anonymous. I had very little activity and even less information provided about me, because I wanted to remain, well anonymous.

However with the new focus on my business and myself, this presented a problem. So I wrestled whether to have the forum change my user name over to me, or just create an entirely new account altogether. The only drawback that I saw is if I register a new account, it is recognized as that, a new account. My original account was registered in January of 2012, but does contain postings.

After pondering on the problem over the weekend, I have come to the conclusion it would be best to create a new account with the forum. Since I am beginning a new direction for my business, I might as well start a new beginning with the forum. This way all my posts and replies will be from me and will include my newly created signature.

The next difficulty I experienced was my forum signature, what to say. Dean said not to make it difficult, just put down something simple with a link to your site. I am so used to having things complicated that I did struggle to make it simple. For me at times, I have to go back to unlearn those things that were ineffective and replace them with the things that work. Bad habits are hard to break, but not impossible.

Just to make sure I had what was covered on Friday clear, I went back through several of the module 2 training videos today taking notes. I wanted to make sure that I keep a running tab of all the things suggested to do on a consistent basis. So I created a list to keep tract of actionable items and can schedule them into my weekly planner, which I now do on Sundays.

Just for kicks and giggles, I also checked on my Google analytics account for my site today. I discovered that it has already received 7 unique visitors this past weekend along with a high bounce rate (a term I will need to become more familiar with) which doesn’t look good. That is all I have for now, check back soon as I intend to continue posting my progress.

About Michel

Michel has been actively involved online since 2009. He started Glowball Web Network in October of 2011. He has broad experience including what he achieved from many of the online training programs he’s taken over the years. He’s knows what works and doesn’t work and is willing to share his knowledge with you on this site and partner sites. More importantly, he continually to stay updated since it’s always changing!
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  1. Hi Michel,
    One idea is to use your forum signature to link back to articles on your site – drawing visitors to your content.

    • Thank you for commenting. You are right to say that my forum signature should direct visitors back to my content.

  2. Hi Mike

    Forum posting does work to bring traffic to your site but one of the challenges is to have them stay and read what you have to offer instead of bouncing away straight away.

    Because your blog is so new you have not got much content yet. That will come with time.

    Posting in forums can also help to build your brand. Having your name show up frequently by posting useful information and answering others questions will get you noticed. Consistency is key.

    You can very often find the answers to some questions by searching online.

    When the time comes and you start to build your list with a free report or your own product you will already be known.

    Best of luck.


    • Thank you Sandy for visiting my site and commenting on this post. I realize that content on this site is lite because I have focused on other sites brimming with content and product promotions. This site has been on a back burner until I became involved with the license partnership program and the quick start challenge. I decided to use this site for the challenge since it was to be my main business site anyway.

  3. Hi Michel,

    I know what you mean when we used to complicate stuff.

    I think not only us, but a lot of people won’t believe something that’s so simple and end up taking a long time to implement it.

    Keep it simple, just do it and you’ll achieve your destination sooner 🙂

    Live Daily, GrateFully & FaithFully.

    • I appreciate you coming to my site and posting a comment. It’s not that I purposely try to complicate things, it just seems to naturally happen.

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