Reflections, Regrets, Remembrances – Time to Move On


Wow, it is still hard for me to grasp that we have started another new year. I am excited to get cranked up and get moving for 2014. I feel confident that this year will be much better for me, my family, and my business than 2013. It’s time to move on.

2013 Reflections

Sadly 2013 was a hard year for me and my family. Both my wife and I each lost a parent and a close relative. There were numerous health scares and concerns throughout. Also rough financial periods including my wife losing her main job at the beginning of 2013. No healthcare insurance or other financial aid.

Then after my mom died in July, just about every thing I did, whether online or off, would take 4-5 steps to complete that normally took 1 or 2 steps. What took hours, now took days. What took days, now took weeks. Talk about frustrating!

And my online business suffered as well, where I experienced mixed results. It seemed to work as follows during the year: whenever I would try, things seemed to get worse. Then when I backed off to do something else; I would suddenly get unexpected results from those relatively dead websites that out of nowhere began to make sales. I couldn’t explain it.

Started iPro

I also became an enthusiastic partner of iPro in April, worked diligently up until my mom’s death in July. Still remained active, just not as focused with little to show for it all. I almost threw in the towel it got so bad. And no matter what I did or how hard I tried to improve things, they either got worse or stayed the same. I became upset with myself, my situation, and the program that I had risked a sizable investment into.

But I didn’t give up or quit. During that time I had iPro members and others who helped me along with support, care and concern. I especially want to thank the following online colleagues who made a difference and kept me in the game. They are (in no particular order): Glenn Shepherd, Dita Irvine, Jerry Handy, Sandy Halliday, Paul Henderson, Chetz Togom, Sue Fleckenstein, Patti Stafford, and of course Dean Holland along with a number of others.


Then towards the end of November, I became productively unproductive. I created 19 articles and one video since my last blog post I published on Nov 23th, but didn’t post or publish a single one of them. They were either unfinished or I sat on them, some were time relevant and now the opportunity is lost. Time to move on.

I also ran the largest grouping of solo ads I ever had to date during the month of December. Signed up with 6 providers contracted for a total of 900 clicks. Unfortunately, the one I chose to deliver the largest bulk of the clicks stiffed me (300 clicks). After contacting him numerous times with no response, I filed a formal dispute with both the service I placed the order, and with Paypal that processed the transaction. After several weeks, I finally got a full refund. I still like solo ads, just need to pay more attention to whom I do business with.

Reflection and results

I then used the holiday season as a time to reflect, take a break, become refreshed and help me regain my focus. I also discovered that I made 95% of my 2013 income off-line than online, something I had hoped would have been the opposite for all the time and effort I had put in. Seriously, off-line I averaged about $15 per hour; online it was so low that it would be in the hundredths of a cent per hour. I would have made more working at McDonald’s!

Time to move on

But now it is 2014 anew year and refreshed beginning. I am back on track with a bucket full of hope for this year. Already my affiliate commissions have improved with another solo ad run currently underway. I have budgeted this year for more solo ad runs each month including both iPro and for my own business. Each time I have a go-a-round, I keep improving my online business by adding another element that has been missing, and by adding it, makes a positive difference. Here is to great success for 2014!

About Michel

Michel has been actively involved online since 2009. He started Glowball Web Network in October of 2011. He has broad experience including what he achieved from many of the online training programs he’s taken over the years. He’s knows what works and doesn’t work and is willing to share his knowledge with you on this site and partner sites. More importantly, he continually to stay updated since it’s always changing!
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  1. Sorry that 2013 was a tough year for you. We saw lots of changes too, my husband had to leave his job for health reasons and that left me being the major income earner.

    Just so glad to see that you are pulling through and this year is going to be a good one for us all.

    Happy to have helped you in some way, and am always around when necessary. At least you are seeing positive results, so keep that in your mind as you continue working to grow your business.
    Sue recently posted…7 Ways to Make Money with Your Writing TalentMy Profile

  2. Hi Michel,

    Thanks for sharing your experiences from last year. I know you had a few really difficult periods and I can appreciate from personal experience just how hard it can be to maintain any kind of momentum with anything during difficult times. But you stuck with it, didn’t give up and you’re still here, facing 2014 with a renewed zest! I’m so very pleased that you didn’t give up when things got tough. Well done, buddy! 🙂

    Thanks for the mention, I’m only too happy to have been able to help. And of course it goes without saying that I’m always prepared to help, advise or just be a sounding board whenever needed.

    Let’s hit the ground running with the year ahead, eh? We just need to stick with it keep on growing. I’m sure there are some very nice things ahead for us this year 😉

    Take care,
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted…Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Thank you Glenn for your encouraging words, for visiting my site, and for your friendship. Also thank you for your continued support and help.

  3. Michel, you my friend have shown what it takes to be successful in anything whether online or offline. That is committed to the goal at hand regardless of the obstacles. These temporary setbacks are designed in some instances to stop you from going forward, but you have chosen to use them as fuel for your vision that lies before you.

    Keep it moving my man as I know that you are in great company with the crew in iPro. It will be a huge year for us all and everything that you went through will be as they say “small potatoes” in the big scheme of things.

    thanks for sharing your heart.

    Jerry Handy recently posted…Big Plans for 2014My Profile

  4. Hi Michel,

    What a year for you. I know that often, when it does not rain it pours.

    What I like about you is that no matter what, you keep plugging on.

    Your offline results are quite encouraging. Is that related to web development or similar? If it is, perhaps you could increase your involvement. For those that don’t mind helping clients there is so much money to be made. One area that needs attention is Google+. Not too many “ordinary” people know about it, yet knowing Google and their “desire” to control everything, I believe that G+ is here to stay in a big way.

    Wishing you all the success this year.

    Dita recently posted…Tips For Writing Captivating Blog Content [Infographic]My Profile

  5. Hi Michel,

    I commented on the FB post, but here I am again in the post.

    It’s good that you managed to stay sane thru the adversity of the old year, and you’ve now regained focus.

    ‘God love a trier’ as my dear old Grandma (Snook!) used to say. Mind you, she was a bit of a scatty old thing at times, but we probably shouldn’t go there 😉

    If there’s any help I can offer in the times to come, don’t hesitate buddy, just SHOUT OUT! Same goes for anyone else reading. I firmly believe that – ‘what goes round, comes around’.

    Helping others rocks 🙂

    All the best pal,

    Paul Henderson recently posted…How Do YOU Treat a Dissatisfied Customer?My Profile

  6. Patti Ann Stafford

    Thanks for the mention, Michael. It seems 2013 was bad for many people, myself included. So glad that things are looking up and I was able to offer you inspiration. That means a lot to me.

    Big Hugs!
    Patti Ann Stafford recently posted…My New BlogMy Profile

    • Thank you Patti,

      Sorry that 2013 was a bad year for you, too. I agree that a surprising larger number of people found 2013 to be a bad year.

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