Quick Start Challenge Update – My Road to Here!

My next Quick Start Challenge update. I finished watching the training videos to module 3 this past week and downloaded the next challenge sheet which lists the next action steps to take. And again, I have been brought to a near stop in doing it. This has been the point where I have always stopped no matter whose advice I have receive since I’ve been online.

That stopping point for me is setting up the process to build my own email list! What I saw in the steps laid out in the challenge are nothing new to me, just that I have only attempted it one time in the past with poor results which brings me to the road here.

So what’s the problem? I pretty sure this is a question going through your mind as it has gone through my own. For me to start the process by putting together an optin form and then loading it onto my site is no problem. Where I have problems is with just about everything else to come in the process.

Like what? To answer that question involves looking at everything that is in the process, so I will break it down step by step and let you know where I have my hangups. Perhaps after reading this, you may also say that you have had the same difficulties that have held you back. I can only say that I know without moving forward with it, I won’t get far. So let me break it down.

First, you need to offer something of value for free in exchange for a visitor to give up their email address in return. This is referred to as a freebie or a worthwhile enticement. Once you have their email address, you can then start sending a series of emails to them with valuable info and related offers in hope that they will be interested in pursuing further. Once they see the offer, the idea is somewhere along the process, they will make a purchase and you will earn a commission. This is it in a nutshell which also seems to be pretty straight forward.

Now to present the roadblocks that hold me back from making it happen. My first roadblock is deciding upon what freebie to offer, and the best way to get it. I can outsource it (costs money), I can do it myself (research and time) and hope that I do a good job, or buy it premade (like PLR~private label rights, which also costs money, and often needs modified which then cost time).

Once a freebie is chosen and acquired, then it needs to be downloadable for your customer to get it. This means developing a download or thank you page with a link to download the freebie. And you don’t just want to load it on your hosting server unprotected where anyone can easily access it without having to sign up for it. So you then have to set it up in a way to secure it, but make it available to those who do sign up.

My next roadblock is deciding on whether to add an upsale offer on the thank you page and what that offer should be. Once that decision is made, doing the sales copy that is enticing enough for the customer to click on it to check it out is also a challenge.

So far this is pretty straight forward but the more difficult roadblocks for me are yet to come. Once the above items are in place, I then need to consider how to put together my email series and how it will be delivered to my newly signed up customers. This becomes problematic for me in several ways. First having to come up with an email series including what offers to include and additional helpful resources to keep the reader engaged. Also how often to send out emails and in what pattern. Once all that is solved comes the next roadblock, the autoresponder service.

If there ever was a huge roadblock to my success it is this – going with a prevailing autoresponder service and paying for their ridiculous pricing structures. Sadly, there isn’t really that much difference between the prices charge by top autoresponder services. Also open rates for emails have dropped in recent years being the worse that it has ever been currently. These are additional factors that I find holding me back.

Once I do overcome it, then comes the decision with which autoresponder service to use. Often suggested is Aweber or GetResponse and maybe a few others for Internet email marketing. I find even this decision difficult to make just chosing which service between those two I want to use to screw me. But again to move on, I will have to bite the bullet, get onboard with a service and then learn how to use it so that I can get my email campaign underway.

Lastly, I am struggling on deciding the best way to present my optin form on my site. I have seen about a half a dozen cool methods to do this and want to try several of them. However the one option I decided to go with, once I spent the time to set it up, had their advertisements posted below it and wanted a small fortune just to have it removed. Instead, I removed it for free by deleting the plugin altogether, even though I put me back to the drawing board.

In conclusion I see that nothing about online marketing just falls into place. It requires a real commitment, persistence and patience, willing to do trial and error, starting and stopping, fine tuning, and may find yourself just have to begin the process all over again with a different approach. By staying with it will either make me or break me, but I am here until it does.

About Michel

Michel has been actively involved online since 2009. He started Glowball Web Network in October of 2011. He has broad experience including what he achieved from many of the online training programs he’s taken over the years. He’s knows what works and doesn’t work and is willing to share his knowledge with you on this site and partner sites. More importantly, he continually to stay updated since it’s always changing!
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  1. Hi Michel,

    I can identify with what you are writing here re analyzing and re-analyzing… But in this case you should not have a problem. The idea is just to set up an optin box on your site.

    Although a lot of people offer freebies for joining your list in my opinion it is not always necessary. If you offer people updates and a newsletter, many times people will sign up because they want to know more about your blog and about what you have to say.

    If you really want to give them a freebie then just find a PLR ebook or a report and offer that until you are ready to offer something different.

    Also I am not sure you want to upsell them something from your site. Most good newsletters I signed up for do not have an upsell. I distinguish my update signups with signups from let’s say solo ads where I offer a freebie and then an upsell. I look at them as different category of subscribers.

    Just my thoughts,

    Take care,


    • Thank you Dita for your comment.

      I do agree with the basic element of what you said and I am focused on doing it. I am just excited about trying different approaches to my optin, like top or bottom bar along with a sidebar optin.

      I have even considered a pop-up as well as a quiz. I have many tools in my IM box and want to try as many as I can, but at the right times without becoming too complicated about it or becoming overwhelmed with it in the process.

  2. Hi Michel,

    I think you are over analyzing the process. I’m not sure if Dean taught you the same training as what he taught me but he did say, don’t wait until it’s perfect, just do it.

    You can’t wait until all the traffic lights to go green before you move.

    If you keep thinking like this, it’d be a loooonnngg time until you achieve success online.

    Seriously man, do the first step first, then once you’ve done it, go to the next.

    Learn to setup your autoresponder, GetResponse has a 30 Day Free trial, you don’t even have to give them your credit card details. You can also try MailChimp.

    Go and learn how to do that, put the form on our website and just say, “DON’T MISS A THING. GET FREE UPDATES”

    Then now since you already know how to setup autoresponder, maybe you can just write a 2 – 3 pages checklist on how to setup autoresponder or how to choose the right autoresponder or top 5 autoresponders beginners can try.

    Keep it simple.

    Just take one step at a time and you wouldn’t realize how far you’ve gone.

    Take that first step k.

    All the best!


    • Hey Chetz, thank you for your comment

      To some I seem to over analyze because I am an analytical person. And there are times that I analyze to the point of analysis paralysis and not move forward as quickly as I should. So I do agree with you on this. But with that said, I also find keeping it “simple” hard work!

      What I do doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has to be good. I don’t like just sticking something up on my blog just to get it on there to move on for the sake of moving on. What I put there represents a part of me and I want to put it in the best light or at lest good one, not just Willy-nilly.

      I also appreciate your advice about the autoresponder issue and have decided to use GetResponse.

  3. Mike, this is a good read and something that most of the newbie marketers face when getting started. I’ve heard a long time ago that the way you eat an elephant is one bite at a time. I’ve never eaten an elephant, but I get the drift. The bottom line is that these are opportunities to learn. All of these minor issues are going to be very valuable for you in the longterm. Just think about how when you get something figured out (your obstacles), you can then put together a free report on how you did it and give it away to other “newbie” marketers that are just getting started. That in turn could be your free offer. If you didn’t want to secure your freebie download initially, you could make sure that throughout your report, you can have your blogsite url in the footer of your pdf report and affiliate links embedded throughout as well. That way, you don’t mind if other people get access to it or give it away to other marketers.

    Later on you could then secure it, but right out of the gate, I wouldn’t be too concerned about it. Now on the other hand, if it was your paid product that you created, that’s another story. You definitely would want that one secured for sure. In regards to your email series, just remember that people are just like you. They respond to real talk and not hype. When you are doing a follow up series, just tell your story and relate to the very product(s) that have helped you. You are the leader and your goal is to recommend products that will add value to your subscribers business. As for the autoresponder service, well that’s just a cost of doing business. You’re looking at about $19 bucks a month until you get a huge list, then it’ll be a little more. One thing you could do is focus on getting people to your blog and place your QSC banners in your side bar and drive traffic to them. Let Dean and company do all the follow up with the leads and you just collect the checks. Just a thought. Talk soon….

    • Hey Jerry, thank you for visiting and giving me your insights

      I’ve thought about allowing easy access to my freebie by those who like to circumvent the sign up process. The solution is quite simple by putting my links into the give-away. So whoever gets it in whatever way, I still am setup to monetize.

      I wish that I was a “newbie” because it would be much easier for me to do this program. But because I have been actively online since 2009, I have too many ways to approach something and see many of them as I am doing it. I’ve used autoresponders, had mailing lists, a squeeze page optin and awesome freebie to build my list. I have actually done this all before. Driving traffic is my weakness, my Achilles heel so to speak. And having a list of only a few dozen people doesn’t cut it with online marketing anymore.

      I liked your elephant analogy and agree with it when it applies. But sometimes it’s more like being a piranha swimming in a shark tank with the sharks. Even though I can take a bite out of things, a shark can take a much bigger bite and eat up far more in the process with each bite! Moral of the story, don’t eat elephants or swim with sharks.

  4. Hi Michel,

    I can totally relate to where you’re coming from. This sort of thing used to paralyze me and I’d either give up or leave steps out of whatever process I was going through. Either way it didn’t get me to where I wanted to be.

    I agree with what’s been advised already, especially about not waiting for things to be perfect, just get it going. Also, just take each step at a time. Write down what you want your end result to be then break it down into the different steps that you will need to take in order to get there. Then just start at step one and tackle that on its own. The if you find that this presents a whole load of new challenges then do the same for that step, break it down into smaller steps and start with step one. This way can help you to remain focused and you can deal with small, manageable steps without feeling overwhelmed.

    You’ll do it for sure, Michel, just never give up and don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. We’d all be happy to help in any way we can 🙂


    • Thank you Glenn for visiting and commenting on my post.

      I do agree that I don’t get to where I want to be, either. As I commented to Jerry, it would have been better for me to be actually starting out as a “newbie” rather than coming from someone who has actively been online since 2009. I have accumulated a lot of baggage along the way and find that I constantly debate what will work and not work, if I can do it better, and so on.

      A newbie wouldn’t know how to second guess what is being said and just do it. Also everything a newbie does would be done from scratch. But when you’ve been online as I have, you most likely have set up many things online that can be converted over to do those steps in the program or start it from scratch. Because of that, it just presents me with more choices for every step of the process which does take longer!

  5. Hi Michel,

    I only got to your blog after reading Dita’s post about this challenge. But after reading 3 of your posts about it, one thing that stands tall from your experience is that you are not really prepared for this internet marketing of a thing. It’s a matter of the heart! I truly suggest that you work on your belief system if you are going to make good of this career.

    If I got you right, this is not the first time you are doing this but some how you have internal conflicts that have not been resolved and so at every point instead of really “doing” what you are supposed to do, you spend most of the time analyzing.

    I must say I had these issues at one time, and I still have some, but the fact still stands that this must be taken as a business and handled that way. From what I’ve read on the few blogs that took this challenge, you had some training materials which you are supposed to follow. That made it simple for you but the problem you faced was this mindset issue.

    I advice that you take some time off and re-evaluate these things and then start afresh after accepting it that this is for you. Use the training modules again and begin to work on them. Once you are able to push beyond your limiting doubts you will begin to see results.

    To your success.

    • Again Chadrack, thank you for posting a comment and sharing your observations. I have taken note of what you have had to say. My conflicts are not internal as much as they are about using resources I already have available and converting them over to do those steps vs starting them from scratch. The great thing about Internet marketing is the diversity of people and backgrounds in which they come from. Take 10 different people, give them all exactly the same training, get 10 different results and levels of success. So it is a matter of perspective.

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