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I debated whether to video record my affiliate marketing results or just write it out. I decided to write it out due to the mix responses I got from my first video. Anyway, it has been a moment since I have published an activity journal update post (over-due) and it’s time to report my progress with affiliate marketing results.

If I didn’t mention it last time, I decided to run solo ads on a regular basis. My target was to do at least 300 unique click ads each month for no more than $200 per month. I would continue to run solo ads until I either realized success, or became broke doing it. My first monthly run started in September

At the beginning of November, I decided to spread out the solo ad orders over the entire month instead of doing them all at once. This way I felt that I would get a better idea how my solo ad purchase would do overall. I started my first ad on November 9th. That run was the best I have had to date delivering a whopping 65% opt-in rate! But that wasn’t the end of it.

So far this month, I have made 5 sales, 4 from solo ads, and 1 from my blog. And to be honest, I haven’t seen financial results like this for a month since 2010! The biggest driving factor for this success is the Licensed Rights Partner Program along with the introduction of the Big Commission Blueprint. All these sales were generated from September and October opt-ins, not from recent solo ads. That means the sales funnel is working and continues to work.

Also, this months solo ad opt-ins have a great potential to become next months or the following month sale statistics. My plan is to put the commissions back into my business so that I can continue to buy solo ads. I can now see and believe the potential to make a 4 figure day is within my grasp, and not just one. I don’t want to be or am I satisfied to be just a one hit wonder! A consistent income online is one of my goals and has become more than just possible, but probable with Licensed Rights Partner Program.

Now back to my solo ad schedule. Since starting with solo ads back in September, I have become more efficient with my ad placements. In September, I invested $185 for 300 clicks. In October, I invested $147 for 400 clicks (got some great deals). And then for November, I invested $185 for 400 clicks, in which 300 are guaranteed tier one clicks. Tier one supposedly are prospects that come from the top buying countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, England. To be honest, I am still testing this out, but so far it really hasn’t made a difference with my results, but it has with the cost.

Next week I will be planning my December solo ad run. I hope to repeat October prices with November results. In the meantime, another front-end product will be coming online, this one is quite promising and I am eager to promote it. I want to end this year’s results with a bang!

About Michel

Michel has been actively involved online since 2009. He started Glowball Web Network in October of 2011. He has broad experience including what he achieved from many of the online training programs he’s taken over the years. He’s knows what works and doesn’t work and is willing to share his knowledge with you on this site and partner sites. More importantly, he continually to stay updated since it’s always changing!
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  1. Hi Michel,

    Just stumbled across your blog and found this post very interesting. I have just started testing with solo ads, (probably about time – I’ve been working online for over 10 years!) What prompted me to start was that fact that I joined iPro a couple of weeks ago.
    I believe that solo ads can work very well in some niches providing you have a high converting squeeze page and good sales funnel, otherwise I think it could work out expensive. This I think is exactly what iPro provides. I have already made some front end sales and I am sure in time the back end sales will come through.

    All the best

    • Hello Roger,

      Thank you for visiting and commenting on this blog post. I wish you the best of luck with your solo ads and agree that having a high converting capture page along with a good sales funnel is very important. Solo ads can be very expensive and not give you return on investment right away, that’s why it is important to have a strong sales funnel.

      On the other hand, since working with both solo ads and PPC using Google AdWords, I have experienced more control, along with better results, from solo ads than I ever did with AdWords! Plus my actual costs have been less and I have gotten a more laser focused target audience using solo ads.

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