Monthly Income Updates

monthly online income updates

My Online Monthly Income Updates

Even though I’ve been online since 2009, I officially started Glowball Web Network in October 2011. In addition, I didn’t start reporting my online results publicly until the beginning of 2015. At the end of 2019, after reviewing all those detailed monthly results reports I’ve published online over that time, I decided to only focus on reporting what matters most… just my online income results each month. So starting in 2020 at the beginning of each new month, I’ll continue to provide monthly income updates for the previous month as they become available shown BELOW:


Income/Expense Updates:
MonthGross Sales*EarningsExpensesNet Sales
Sep 2020$1,607.35$49.26$38.00$11.26
Aug 2020$1,490.13$74.60$48.64$25.96
Jul 2020$1,164.77$33.86$38.00-$4.14
Jun 2020$3,587.33$124.56$314.48-$189.92
May 2020$4,268.85$128.00$61.64$66.36
Apr 2020$2,777.99$147.04$285.66-$138.62
Mar 2020$3,009.23$226.23$51.16$175.07
Feb 2020$800.73$54.88$41.00$13.88
Jan 2020$1,873.55$139.20$56.27$82.93
Dec 2019$1,022.29$70.13$140.05-$69.92
Nov 2019$2,452.81$183.98$92.74$91.24
Oct 2019$1,417.57$94.94$41.90$53.04
Sep 2019$1,195.43$77.76$20.05$57.71
Aug 2019$1,215.17$82.19$73.03$9.16
Jul 2019$2,498.08$209.01$20.68$188.33
Jun 2019$1,924.43$134.10$180.11-$46.01
May 2019$819.72$48.84$54.17-$5.33
Apr 2019$430.31$47.42$58.26-$10.84
Mar 2019$272.48$34.57$207.08-$172.51
Feb 2019$38.59$1.74$20.05-$18.31
Jan 2019$0.00$0.00$46.37-$46.37

*Earnings reported are based on what was credited, not paid. Actual earning paid for month can take up to 90 days before received.

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