Making it with an Affiliate Marketing program

Start by selecting the right Affiliate Marketing Program to join

The key question is: how do you choose a successful affiliate marketing program? I cannot stress the importance of using a trustworthy source for your information enough. There is an abundance of information available on the Internet, but it does not mean that all of what you can find is accurate, reliable or ethical. Choose to follow the wrong advice, you could find yourself deep in hot water by actually facing legal action.

One of the best paying and popular affiliate programs around is Clickbank. Clickbank is an great resource for anyone who is wanting to become a super affiliate because the links alone can really help you out. There are a number of affiliate programs online, including and eBay. But the one stands out from them all in ease of use, expandability and features is by far Clickbank which will be covered in a greater degree of detail next.

Why Clickbank is a great place for Affiliates to get started

You may be wondering what the big deal Clickbank is about and why a number of people like to use them for their affiliate network of choice.

There are many reasons why the Clickbank affiliate program is liked so much. The Marketplace is an awesome program that lists a number of product offers which helps you generate revenue. This site is a friendly, resourceful one that generates traffic, commission sales and runs by itself.

Clickbank comes fully developed as a search engine that is fed by the an impressive database of over thousands of products and businesses. This is known as the Clickbank Marketplace. The technology behind Clickbank, which is cookie based, allows a seamless system that can give you commissions on sales from visitor’s for up to three months after a visitor has left your site!

The commission percentage structure is based on monthly revenues through sales from your Clickbank ID. You’ll receive a commission rate determined by the partner site from 5-75%. This is one place where you won’t have to sit around and wait to be paid because Clickbank pays you through faster venues like PayPal.

Clickbank not only allows you to accept credit cards on your web site without the need for a merchant account, it also provides other ways in which you can generate income as well.

Here are four different ways you can start making money with Clickbank:

1. Locate products to promote

You can easily sign up as an affiliate through their website at: Once signed up, then take some time to look through the full range of products that are offered in their marketplace. It’s like shopping for products.

For example, start by looking in the category with products that you have a good handle on. You should find products that match up well with your existing business, and then can promote to your mailing list.

To promote a product, you just simply create a hoplink by clicking on the PROMOTE button to the right of the description. A pop-up window is displayed where you can enter your account “nickname” and an optional tracking ID. Then click on the CREATE button and your custom affiliate link is done for you. All you have to do is copy it and paste it into your email offer. It’s that simple.

2. Setup shop with your own product to sell when you are ready

Another good way of making money online is to sell your own product. With Clickbank you can start doing this very quickly, and with little trouble. You can sell up to 500 different downloadable products through Clickbank with a single account and become a merchant for less than $50! However, you have to use the same hoplink target URL (the page where affiliates send traffic) for all products in that account. This option is much cheaper than the hundreds of dollars it often takes to setup your own merchant account with affiliate tracking. And the best part is that you will not be going it alone either. There are literally thousands of Internet marketers who sell their products using Clickbank.

3. Build your own huge Affiliate network using Clickbank

When you sign up with Clickbank as a vendor, you can start recruiting affiliates to sell your product almost immediately. If affiliates are making commissions from selling your product, that means YOU are making money as well. The best thing about this is that you get to decide exactly what percentage of commission your affiliates will receive. Another great thing is Clickbank will automatically pay those affiliates for you, based on the commission rate you set. That’s one less administrative task you’ll need to worry about.

4. Make referral commissions by sending other vendors to Clickbank

You can earn extra money just by promoting Clickbank itself. You won’t make millions doing it, but it’s useful as an additional income stream earning commissions that can range between $0.05 and $10.00. When you are trying to make some money, every little bit helps.

So if you’re serious about making money online and are just starting out, or still struggling to make it, consider affiliate marketing as an option. And what better place to start than with Clickbank. Once you have made a decision to go with Clickbank, I recommend that you take at least 20 minutes to log-in and get familiar with your account. You can always click on the HELP page at Clickbank to check out additional information available to you, or to answer any questions you may have for them.

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