Activity Report for June 2016

Activity Report for June 2016

Hello-July-update-2Finally getting into a new groove with my online business. I have been focusing a lot of time on off line issues that has taken away time from my web business. But with most issues addressed now , I can now focus more time with my business.

The month of June has traditionally been a rough month for me since I began online. However, this is the first June that I made sales (even though small). And all my sales came from Amazon (go figure).

Expenses increased for the month as I bought a product that I decided to promote toward the end of June. Also, a membership came due that I forgot about (hate auto renew) which allows me access to Premium WordPress themes and plugins (choices keep growing). Sadly, I”m not using any of them at this time on any of my sites (bummer).

Even though I made sales this month (and every month so far this year – another first), my expenses were higher creating a loss of income for the month (streaming tears). On the other hand, I’m still at a gain for the year!

The month of June was a rough technology month as I spent several full days getting my printer back online, just to have it go down again a week later. Went to my other computer to use that printer only to have issues with it as well. Also had issues with one of my websites that took a good day or so getting it back up and running (plugin upgrades crashed it).

Because of these unplanned issues, I lost time with my blog writing and product reviews dropping about 19% from the previous month. Also site traffic for all my sites dropped again for the second straight month. I expected less web traffic for this month and next since it is when many people and families go on vacation (holiday).

I finally got around to sending emails to my list just to have 8 more subscribers “unsubscribe.” Also my open rates dropped with those still on my list. One issue that I will have to address in the near future is changing email service to a better company with same level of service at a lower price. Then I can focus on rebuilding that list along with creating a few more (with my other sites).

The other list that I have (credited to me) by another service, I’ve stopped promoting because of the high refund rate I’ve experienced with the products they promote for me. Most are Clickbank based along with their own in-house products they sell (which one is used by me). Sounded good at the time, and even though reasonable service, just doesn’t deliver as promised – so why promote it.

I did make progress with several product and bonus products that I’ve been working on in June, just not enough to get out on time as planned. Because of it, I didn’t have a bonus to offer when I started to promote a product at the end of the month (sales, I’m sure, suffered for it).

And I am currently testing a product that I hope will turn around my sales results for several Affiliate Networks where their offered products have links that are easy to change and lose sales because of it. This product is supposed to change all that (hence why I’m testing it).

With that said, here is the activity report for June 2016 results for my online business operation:



$54.23 4.51%


$33.11 6.00%



$62.71 6.38%


$83.18 6.00%


$0.00 0.00%


coming soon






Purchases made


Services rendered




 membership renewal




month loss

blog posts & reviews


-18.75% decrease

page views/avg per site


-9.20% decrease

-8 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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