Activity Report for September 2018

Activity Report for September 2018

Sept 2018 Online ResultsFinally, some visible life again from several of my websites. Made commission sales from 5 of my sites in September. Two-thirds were Amazon based of course, with the other sale from a privately run affiliate program. September is my 4th best month so far this year dropping one spot from last year’s results.


At least September didn’t disappoint like the way July and especially August did. 5 of my websites made sales. Of course none of those sales were stellar, but accumulated, ended up bringing September as my 4th best month this year. Of course there are still 3 months left.

Web traffic to my sites also increased during the month which helped.

I’m still not sure why sales have slowed, but at least there is something to show for it during September. Now I can focus back on a project I’ve been working on to help generate additional income. Commissions earned for September were just over $46.


Again this past month’s expenses were lower. I got a PLR package that has information I can use for one of my niche websites. The articles and graphics are usable, but the pre-made videos are not. This will most likely be the last time I get a “done-for-you” package from that vendor.

And of course, I had the usual monthly Internet service expense.

Altogether September expenses ended up being just under $51!

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, September ended up becoming another monthly loss. Even though I made sales, and only slightly increased expenses, expenses won out. The loss was just under $5 however.

Tracking Stats

Welcomed web traffic increased again this past month by 7.6% over August. Yet only one site made it’s targeted traffic goals and one came close. The rest are still lagging behind by more than 50%. And 3 of my active sites still don’t have analytics setup. So my web traffic results are incomplete for those sites.

I did work on an email campaign that I plan on running in October. I was hoping to get it going in September, but it wasn’t in the cards. I still don’t really know how many subscribers I have in 3 lists that continue to collect dust. I also hope to turn it around in October.

Activity Report

Without further ado, here is my online business activity report for September 2018 below:

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End of activity report for September 2018.

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