Activity Report for September 2017

Activity Report for September 2017

online business resultsSeptember was a better month than last, but it was still a disappointment. There was an increase in web traffic, and a drop in expenses compared to August’s results. Also income increased for the month, but not as good as previous Septembers.


Again, my only source of income was from Amazon sales. All my other affiliate revenue sources remained dead. By September these other sources start to pick up, but they didn’t.

With one of my affiliate programs, I found out too late about a new product launch of theirs. The launch was around the 11th, and I found out about it mid-afternoon on the 28th. It was ending on the 30th.

But at least this month’s income was just over $77. Most of those sales came from one website. And only two made any sales at all. My other sites are in desperate need of attention.


Service expenses increased for the month. I added an email marketing delivery service. This was a newly released cloud based service with a limited opportunity with a one-time fee.

Also, I ran into an offer I couldn’t refuse. Udemy was running a special of up to 95% off online courses! I got 4 courses that would normally have cost me $695. But with the special, I got them for just $40!

So overall, my expenses for September were $103. This was a little lower than last month’s expenses.

Bottom Line

Even though I had higher income and slightly lower expenses, I still experienced a loss of about $26. Again, I missed my targeted goal for the month.

Third Quarter Results

The end of September also marked the end of the 3rd quarter. Sadly, I only made about 20% of my targeted goal for this quarter. Better than the 1st quarter, but miserable compared to the 2nd quarter.

Now for the year, I have actually achieved just 44% of my targeted annual income goals. However, I should have had 2 more sites launched and operational. Hard to make money with sites that don’t exist!

Tracking Stats

I worked on addressing issues with Google analytics that I have with some of my sites. Even though I am still skeptical about the results, all my site are now working with the service. I ended up having to install a plugin for each of those problem sites that somewhat forces analytics to work.

Anyway, my average web traffic increased for the month by just over 37%! Amazing when Google analytics is working for all my sites.

Other Issues

Even though the number of blog posts dropped for the month (by 43%), I added more products to some of my sites. And those added products are a hybrid between an eCommerce product post and a product review.

Also, I signed up for an email cloud-based service with autoresponder. Now I can upload my subscriber lists and get back to running email campaigns. As always with something new, there is a learning curve.

Lastly, I hope to integrate email marketing with my niche sites and capture those visitors. The new service allows me unlimited list along with unlimited subscribers. The only caveat is reaching a potential limit on the number of emails I can send at a time.

Activity Report

This is my latest activity report for September 2017 online business results as shown below:

websiteearnedprice% of sale$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$15.94$199.208.0%$61.37$770.887.96%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
purchases made-$0.00
services rendered-$63.00Internet & email services
misc.-$40.00Udemy~4 courses
blog posts & reviews04-43% decrease
page views (avg per site)361.337.45% increase
EMAIL LISTS:month's sign-upstotal subscribers
TSA0395No Offers
iMW156New Offer
BlueMoon0781Carry Over

End of activity report for September 2017.

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