Activity Report for September 2016

Activity Report for September 2016

hello-october-update-2September was a frustrating month for me. Even though sales continued for this month, offline demands required that I attend to them robbing me of precious time for my online business operation.

In spite of that, I still have consistently made commission sales over the last ten months and want to continue the trend. So my goal is to invest more time during October to make-up for lost time in September.

I had canceled Aweber in late August, but discovered that my list of exported subscribers were not complete (one page only). So I had to contact them to get all of my subscribers in which I did last week.

However, this “accidentally” reinstated my account and their auto-billing system charge me for another 3-months of service. I called them about it and they apologized saying that they credited back the money which didn’t happened by the end of the month (still pending).

My other two expenses were renewal of a laptop maintenance software for another year and a month charge from Sendlane who I am trialing for my email service provider (not looking very good). At least I still made a profit for the month, even though it was a small one.

The number of blog posts and reviews that I did decreased from the previous month. I am still writing additional articles waiting to be published. Part is due to a strategic reason I have for the delay, the other was dealing with offline matters as I mentioned above killing my writing time.

Web traffic again dropped off for the second month in a row for all of my websites. This is most likely due to the lack of new material not being posted on a regular basis for most of my sites. This is being addressed for October and beyond.

The delay in getting my subscriber list and choice of another service requiring that I restart setting up emails for the autoresponder with new links, resulted in no emails for the last half of August and all of September. Consequently, I lost 9 subscribers to that list.

I’m toying with the idea of going back to Rapid Mailer and connecting it with my Amazon Services account to work as my email server and autoresponder. Otherwise, I will have to quickly decide on a suitable service before losing any more subscribers. I will update you next month on my decision and results.

Here are the monthly results as shown in the activity report for September 2016 for my online business operation:



$171.63 5.90%




$309.21 5.91%


$58.35 6.02%


$47.00 90.00%


Oct 2016






Purchases made


Services rendered


 Software renewal, Email Services






month gain

blog posts & reviews


-37.5% decrease

page views/avg per site


-1.03% decrease

-9 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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