Activity Report for October 2018

Activity Report for October 2018

October 2018 resultsThese monthly report posts are becoming very tedious for me. Even though October made some sales, it wasn’t even close to what should have been. Numbers are down, web traffic is down, subscribers are down, I’m down. Too much to do and keep up with. Also I had personal matters to attend to in October. It was time consuming which took time away from my business.


October slipped a spot from last year. Sales were generated from only 2 websites. And those sales were minimal. And of course, they were from among my Amazon niche sites.

Web traffic was also down from last month which hurt. And I ran a special email campaign on a “high” converting product that didn’t do squat for me. But in the process, I did get to clean-up my email lists.

So without belaboring the point any longer, commissions earned for October were just over $6.


I’m keeping monthly expenses low. Just had one domain renewal and a purchase. I even stopped paying (for now) Internet services from my business account until I run some paid traffic campaigns (when ready).

Altogether October business expenses ended up being just over $31.

Bottom Line

Therefore October ended up as another monthly loss. Even though sales were made, and expenses dropped from last month, I still experienced a loss. Yet the loss was low at just around $25. The results over the last few months make my business look more like a hobby than a business. That is about to change for November!

Tracking Stats

There was a significant drop in web traffic for October. It dropped by 37.23% over September. None of my 12 sites made their traffic goal for the month. Only 2 even came close. However, I’m not fully confident that Google analytics is completely accurate.

I did run a special email campaign to all 3 of my subscriber lists. During the run, I discovered dead email accounts, a few unsubscribers, and a number of blacklisted email accounts. From this, I was able to remove email addresses to trim down my lists. My biggest list was trimmed down by 48 subscribers. While my smaller 2 lists lost 15 and 5 subscribers respectively.

In the process, I also discovered issues with the email service I’m using. My goal for November is to integrate Amazon Web Services as my delivery platform to assure all emails are being sent to my subscribers. And I have new lead capture pages I’m working on for November to increase subscribers!

Activity Report

So this is the results from my online business activity report for October 2018 below:

websiteearnedprice% of sale$0.00
purchases made-$17.95give away package
services rendered-$13.16domain renewal
blog posts & reviews3911.43% increase
page views (avg per site)143.2-37.23% decrease
EMAIL LISTS:month's sign-upstotal subscribers
TSA-15368Cold List
iMW-564Cold List
BlueMoon-48724Cold List

End of activity report for October 2018.

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