Activity Report for October 2016

Activity Report for October 2016

hello-november-update-02Sales continued to roll in for October, making it eleven months in a row for me to realize online income – my longest streak since starting in 2009.

And even though the dollar amount per sale was higher overall than last month, unfortunately the commissions were lower – only averaging 7.78%, which earned less money than I made in September.

I have yet to completely solve my email marketing dilemma, even though I began loading up the autoresponder for that list. This month is necessary for me to get back to it or lose it which will force me to start from scratch.

I had no real expenses for October nor made any purchases, even though I need to resolve my office printer problem (either fixing my current one or getting a new one).

So with continued sales and no expenses for the month, I posted a profit for October and hope to continue the trend into November.

The number of blog posts and reviews that I did for the month increased by 260%. Last month I only posted 10 articles or reviews for my websites – where I posted 26 for October. With that increase, however, I still haven’t posted on 3 of my sites during the month. So a focus will be to correct that issue for November.

At last, Web traffic increased for most of my websites that had experienced drops the prior 2 months. The overall increase was 32.9% which is good. However to be fair, there was a longer stretch in October that helped boost the numbers.

As mentioned above, my email marketing along with my list has been neglected to my shame. I did decide to make Rapid Mailer work for me and just need to integrate it with Amazon Services for sending those emails out. Once completed, I will reconnect my lead page to start collecting signups once again. So it is no surprise that I got zero signups for October.

One thing that I haven’t mentioned until now is that I actual have a third list. It is being managed for me by the vendor in which I am his affiliate. In October I had 8 signups which makes it 80 signups for 2016 overall. The only difference is that list only gets sent his offers and products, no one else. I do earn a commission if someone buys.

With that said, below I reveal my activity report for October 2016 results for my online business operation:



$50.73 6.01%


$22.96 6.01%



$376.01 5.37%


$362.54 6.12%


$19.95 90.03%


Nov Launch


Service Credit




Purchases made


Services rendered








month gain

blog posts & reviews


260% increase

page views/avg per site


32.9% increase

0 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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