Activity Report for October 2015

Hello-November-update-01October was not a good month for me. My main website stopped producing revenue when I decided to stop promoting a feature product on it until the vendor “fixes” that product, or offers a better alternative. After the vendor introduced an “improved” version this past summer, my refund rates have gone through the roof. Nothing is more disheartening than to have multiple refunds after receiving confirmations that you made sales.

I also invested time investigating offering my own product(s). I actually have enough information gathered to put together at least 4 separate products and maybe even enough for 6. The important point is to get at least one finished so that it can be released and promoted.

Another thing I did was investigate other “reputable” vendor products to see if they would be a good fit for my expanding email list. It seems as though there are far more info products online that either fall short or are just plain rubbish. However, I did locate two promising products that I will be getting to finalize my decision.

With that said, another affiliate vendor I’m just about done with is Amazon. They have become the most greedy Pigs on the face of the planet, especially when it comes to their affiliates and apparently employees – they don’t want to pay either anything worth while.

When I had first signed up with Amazon, I was able to buy things through my affiliate link and get credit for it. Also they would pay you within 30 days after achieving the minimum earning level requirement. Now (after making over 450 billion in sales last year), they don’t allow you to make commissions when you or other family members buy through your link (that’s been the case for some years now), and they take their good old time to pay commissions once you make the minimum (up to 90 days). They also keep lowering the percent of commissions you can earn on items sold and even removed items that they used to pay a commission on. I guess making 78 billion in profits per year just isn’t enough for them!!!

Sadly, the only commissions I earned this month was from Amazon (go figure). The amount made finally pushed the accumulated amount over the minimum, so I can expect to receive it most likely in January if not December (ridiculous). I also have several Clickbank products that I promote in a few of my niche sites, but even though I have enough interested visitors checking them out (tracking links), they are just not buying (rats!).

Another focus of mine was to build up my list for one of my sites. As you can see, I gained another 44 subscribers (that I paid for through solo ads). But what was a real eye opener was that my list actually had 175 sign-ups, but 96 of them had not confirmed since I was using double opt-in method (that is… WAS). After looking more into that issue, I found that single opt-in is more than sufficient to meet US, Canada, and EU requirements.

To wrap things up, I did less blog posts and reviews for October (need to get back to doing more of them for November). Overall web traffic picked up somewhat, but not for some of my sites where traffic continued to decline. If things for some of these sites don’t turn around soon, they will be dumped! My new motto – No More Excuses.

With that said, here is the results of my online activity report for October 2015 :





 $29.99 6.00%














Purchases made


PLR Promo Product

Services rendered


Solo Ads








month loss

blog posts & reviews


-15.38% decrease

page views/top 5 sites


18.23% increase



(2 different lists)

total subscriber

92 | 52



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