Activity Report for November 2018

Activity Report for November 2018

Finally, a month that almost made its sales goal and the best revenue one so far. Because November was a 3-figure sales month, it moved my 2018 gross sales income to 4-figures.


November ends up being my best month for the year so far. Sales were made from 3 websites. Only one of those sales were minimal. This time the biggest sale was made on a email campaign I ran in October and not from Amazon.

Web traffic continues to plague me. Another drop for the month. But more about that later.

All in all, I made $842.50 in sales, earning a whopping 44.5% commission of $374.96 in gross revenue (that I’ll see next year).


Continuing to keep monthly expenses low, I only had 4 domain name renewals. I also deferred Internet expenses until I have enough built back up in my business account.

Altogether November business expenses were a manageable $52.64.

Bottom Line

As I said in last month’s activity report, I was going to change my bottom line for November. That I did and experienced a gain of $322.32 in gross revenue for the month. Only the third month this year that realized a gain.

Tracking Stats

Web Traffic:

There was another drop in web traffic for November. It dropped again for the second straight month by 6.4% from October. All my 12 sites failed to make their traffic goal for the month. Only 2 even came close.

I then came to realize my web traffic is being affected by the GDPR plugin. So I stopped blocking EU visitors to 7 of my sites because it started blocking my access to some of those sites. And I’m from the USA where that should not have happened.

Article Posts & Reviews:

With so many things I want to do, plus additional training I invested time in taking, I didn’t get as many posts published as I would have liked.

Published posts dropped by a significant 41% over October. And I’m not getting articles I’ve been working on published. Reviews also add another potential revenue source, so it’s important to keep those numbers up.

Email marketing and mail lists:

I continue to struggle with this area, mainly due to the type of services available to me. I still am having difficult integrating Amazon Web Services to my autoresponders. And every helpful solution I’ve found want more money than I have in my entire business account. And that is just to integrate the services along with my website.

My only affordable option is keep plugging and chugging until I can get those services to work with one another. And then integrate them with my email marketing efforts.

Activity Report

Now it’s time to reveal the results from my online business activity report for November 2018 that is shown below:

[table id=19 /]

End of activity report for November 2018.

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