Activity Report for November 2017

Activity Report for November 2017

Activity report for November 2017 show the results were better than last month. And November’s revenue ranked 5th overall for the year this far.


Amazon continues to be my only source of income for the month. All other affiliate revenue sources are still dead. Also I experienced a slight improvement with the commission percentage of 7.46%.

One vendor product I’ve been promoting seems suspect. I’m getting sign-ups for the trial period, but then no one continues once it is over. My experience has been most people miss canceling when a trial is over and receive the first months charge. If they don’t want it, then they ask for a refund. The sale shows, and then is charged back. But this is not the case. Hmm!

November’s income was just over $40. At least it came from three different websites. With 11 months completed for the year, November ranked fifth overall. But it still missed the goal.


I already had the standard version of a WP Plugin. But an offer for the pro version at a deep discount became available, so I grabbed it. It allows me to create custom banner ads and place rotating Amazon products within them.

Another expense I knew would happen was buying additional domain names. I was supposed to have site #9 launched in July and site #10 launched in October. Neither one occurred on time. And since I know that my plans are for more site launches in 2018, additional domains were gotten. So I got four new domains.

Overall, my total expenses for November were $83.27. This was lower than last month’s expenses.

Bottom Line

Even with lower expenses and higher income compared to last month, I still had a loss of $42.51. That’s because I have 2 less active sites making money, so I missed my targeted goal for November.

Tracking Stats

During November, I changed a site that wasn’t being indexed for search engines. Then added it to Google analytics just before the last week of the month. Of course it showed no web traffic. Google analytics seems to be working for all my other active sites in November.

As a result, my overall web traffic average increased for the month by just over 4%. Only two sites showed reasonable traffic flow.

Other Issues

Blog posts and reviews increased for the month (by 400%). Some articles were done before and got deleted. Then restored with newer information and a recent published date.

Again I got a few more subscribers during the month for my one list. And I did get to work on adding emails to an autoresponder for my one list. Also started to develop a new list for another one of my websites. Just not complete, yet.

And I did setup hosting accounts and installed WordPress for 4 more sites. Each site is very basic and needs more work before they are ready to be officially “launched”. That means I finally got the last two sites for this year up and running. And it also means that I am ahead of the game for the planned sites scheduled in 2018!

Activity Report

Now to the latest online business activity report for November 2017 results as shown below:

websiteearnedprice% of sale$0.00$0.00$1.57$32.894.77%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$14.24$177.998.0%$24.95$335.357.44%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
purchases made-$9.97WP Premium Plugin
services rendered-$73.30Internet services + new domains
blog posts & reviews12400% increase
page views (avg per site)317.34.27% increase
EMAIL LISTS:month's sign-upstotal subscribers
TSA0395No Offers
iMW260New Offer
BlueMoon0781Carry Over

End of activity report for November 2017.

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