Activity Report for November 2016

Activity Report for November 2016

Even though November was a financially disappointing month for me, I still made sales. This means the streak continues for 12 months in a row to realize online income.

This also was the second month where the percent of commission results were at an all time low – this time being only 6%. The only thing worse would be the 4% minimum.

November was a shaky month in the sense that I didn’t work on some of the more important things I had planned. Planning is good, but doesn’t mean much if it isn’t executed!

I had only one expense for November and that was an ink cartridge I needed to help resolve my office printer problem (printer is still not working correctly, but at least I can now print out copies).

So with the continued sales and low expenses for the month, I posted a very modest profit for November. I hope to do better for the month of December and finish out the year strong.

The number of blog posts and reviews increased for the month by 19.3%. In fact, it is the most articles and reviews that I posted in a month for this year! Hopefully that will result in more sales for December. I still have 2 site where I am not promoting anything – hard to make sales that way. Changes are on the way.

Web traffic continued to increase for most of my websites for the second straight month in a row. The increase was 6%, but it didn’t result in more sales – just more visits. Also I finally fully activated in mid-November and now having it indexed which helped to boost those numbers.

I’m still dragging my feet with my email marketing efforts. So it is no surprise that I got no signups in November. It has been so long that I most likely have a non-responsive list, which means more work for me to correct in the near future!

I’m already looking to 2017 where I’m hoping to double my success results from 2016. Hopefully, I won’t have any huge life altering events like I did this year with the loss of my beloved wife. That event took me off my game for a time. Now I can hopefully keep my attention on my business for the year to come.

Without further delay, here is my activity report for November 2016 online business results below:



$95.87 6.01%




$62.57 6.01%


$184.98 6.00%









Purchases made


Services rendered








month gain

blog posts & reviews


19.3% increase

page views/avg per site


6.03% increase

0 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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