Activity Report for May 2018

Activity Report for May 2018

Thanks to May, April is no longer my worst month. In fact this May is the worst one since 2014! And its not from a lack of effort.


May only had one source of income. Of course, it was Amazon. I even added additional products, including 4 on a site that wasn’t promoting any products. Even though there was enough interest from visitors to check them out, there was no sales.

Actually, I had a larger sale on one site that ended up being canceled due to the item being placed on back order. Of course, this was beyond my control – a casualty of affiliate marketing.

Overall, I had a dismal showing of just under seven bucks for the month. And the commission percentage dropped significantly over last month to just under seven percent as well.


Expenses for May more than doubled over last month. That’s because a lot more expenses came due.

I had three domain renewals, along with extending my business license with the state. Also toward the end of the month, the EU GDPR issue needed dealt with. This adding more expense to get all my websites into compliance.

And then, of course I had my usual monthly expense with the Internet service provider. In addition, I got another plugin to add product selection features to some of my websites.

Overall, May’s expenses ended up being $131.95!

Bottom Line

With higher expenses and low commission sales, May was a big LOSS. And I’m still having issues with getting things together on some of my websites.

Tracking Stats

I had a decrease of 22.2% in the number of new blog posts and reviews compared to April. Time that I normally have to write was allocated toward other pressing matters during the month.

Also there was another decline in the average monthly traffic per site by just over 9% in May. Only one of my websites met or exceeded its monthly goal. The rest still struggle to generate traffic as planned. This year’s trend is less incoming traffic than I’ve had in the past.

Also I lost a total of 9 subscribers after reconnecting to these cold lists. To warm them up again, I’ll need to be more consistent and rediscover what it is they are searching to find.

Other Issues

Because the EU GDPR went into effect on May 25th, I had to make sure all my sites complied one way or another. And even though the issue is being hotly debated whether the EU has global jurisdiction, I decided to take it seriously.

I found a plugin that would help me be compliant with this issue. 4 of my sites were made fully compliant by accepting EU visitors. This meant I had to update my website policies, add cookie warnings, and include right to know forms on them. The remaining 8 websites also comply because they completely block (actually redirect) EU visitors from those sites. The main reason for this was because each site mostly promotes Amazon USA based products. So missing EU visitors to them was no big deal.

I also got another plugin that allows me to setup a product selector. I add in all important parameters about the product. Then match products to fit those parameters. Depending on what choices the visitor selects will then determine what products will be shown to that visitor. This takes awhile to setup, so the jury is still out how effective it will be.

Activity Report

So here is my online business activity report for May 2018 as shown below:

[table id=13 /]

End of activity report for May 2018.

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