Activity Report for May 2017

Activity Report for May 2017

Activity-report-MayMay was a let down month for me. Sales and commissions waned from April, but still were better than January through March.


The income earned for May dropped, as well as the commission percentage earned to 7.5%. This is a big drop over the 40% earned last month.

All commission sales earned during the month was from Amazon. Three of my four Amazon sites made sales. All other sites were dead.

Another big ticket sale was made, but commission credit was not earned. That was because the customer was already tagged to another affiliate (bummer).

Clickbank continues to be a disappointment. Any sale I’ve made is returned within the 60 day window. Or I don’t get enough sales to meet the 5 different payment sources in time. Either way, I end up making nothing from Clickbank.

Income wise, I earned around $45 for the month.


May’s expenses were manageable. I renewed 2 domains and got a new one. Once that new site is up and running, I should increase income with it and have little expense.

The other expense realized was Internet service. I didn’t pay for April in April, but have now caught up with it.

Bottom Line

All told, I experienced a loss for the month. It’s not huge, but it is a loss.

So far this year, actual revenue is 59% of my goal. First quarter was way behind. This quarter is ahead with the month of June yet to be realized. I’m shooting for June to make up the difference.

Tracking Stats

Tracking issues with Google analytics seemed to be resolved for May. At least I got working numbers for every site all month long.

However, general web traffic is down for most of my sites. Only one site improved. And bounce rate didn’t improve much either. Overall, May web traffic was down by 22.8% over April stats.

Other Issues

I still have two sites not promoting anything. Each one is scheduled to be worked on that will include promotions and building a list. However, I’m already behind in my project schedule which means further delays for those sites.

And to keep up with this year’s goals, I researched and decided on the niche for my latest website. The domain was purchased and WordPress installed on my hosting service. Basics were set up. But more needs to be done including loading of product reviews. That is also currently in the works.

Activity Report

With that said, here is the latest activity report for May 2017 online business results below:

Income: $30.14 $402.91 7.48% $1.76 $21.99 8.00% $0.00 $13.57 $184.87 7.34% $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
OTHER $0.00
Sub-total: $45.47 $609.77 7.46%
Purchases made -$0.00
Services rendered -$98.80 Internet Service / Domains Renewed
Misc. -$0.00
Sub-total: $98.80
Total: -$53.33 Loss
blog posts & reviews 11 27% increase
page views (avg per site) 313.0 -22.8% decrease
sign-ups 0 | 0 No Service
total subscribers 395|55 TSA | iMW

End of activity report for May 2017.

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