Activity Report for March 2017

Activity Report for March 2017

online-results-reportMarch was a very weak month compared to March of last year. In fact, it was the worst since 2013! However, sales income did improve ever so slightly compared to February 2017.


Because of the commission changes made by Amazon that went into effect March 1st, the commission percentage earned improved to 8%.

However, this is now the third month in a row that I had only ONE commission sale for the entire month. It still appears that traffic across the board has declined.

It’s hard to tell since Google analytics stopped working for 5 of my sites for a time in March. More about that below.

I’m beginning the process of changing over all my sites to meet the new set goals. Each site revamp will take at least a week or two. So while these changes are being made, I don’t expect much in the way of revenue til each site is finished. Then I should start to see an improvement from each one. Any site that doesn’t improve within a year will be cut.


March was an expensive month. I had software renewal come due that is good for a year. Also another domain came due. That is also good for another year. And of course I had taxes to do which also cost me a service fee. Lastly was the monthly Internet service fee.

The month of April expenses may be just as high since I’m planning on moving all of my sites over to another service. The current hosting companies that I’m using doesn’t allow me to use free SSL certificate service. So I found a hosting service that does and I’m switching over to it in April.

Bottom Line

This is now the third month in a row that I experienced a loss for the month. The loss for March was $153.50. And so far for the year, my business is at a loss overall. This is concerning me since March has typically been my strongest month. My money month.

I also got another sale with an affiliate program that I’ve been promoting for some time. However, the sale wasn’t credited to me either because the transaction didn’t complete, or the buyer was already tagged to another affiliate. Either way, this is the second time this year that it has happened and I’m not happy about it!

Tracking Stats

Google analytics continued to be a problem for my sites. It started in February and got worse in March. Tracking just stopped working. In February, 2 of my sites stopped tracking for a week. But in March 6 weeks worth of tracking stopped working for more of my sites.

As a result, my tracking stats for the month were basically worthless. That’s why there is a N/A for the avg monthly results. I use a tracking plugin for several of my sites and it’s stats never agree with Google Analytics. It’s especially true with the bounce rate.

Anyway after investigating, I changed a few parameters for those sites that matched parameters for those sites still working on Google. As of now, all sites tracking stats seem to be working again. Only time will tell.

Other Issues

I did improve upon the number of blog posts/reviews for March over February. Again more was done than what was published. But when those sites are updated, then those posts will be published.

And I have totally ignored (for now) my email lists. In fact it’s been so long that I will most likely have to start from scratch again. But this time it WILL BE done right and consistently! Because of this, I have no idea how many subscribers I actually have with me.

Here is the recent activity report for March 2017 online business results as shown below:






 $55.98  8.00%










Purchases made


 Software renewal
Services rendered








month loss

blog posts & reviews


66.67% increase

page views/avg per site


5 out of 7 sites had Analytic issues


(2 different lists)

total subscriber

   ? | 55


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