Activity Report for June 2017

Activity Report for June 2017

Activity-Report-JuneThe month of June was another let down for me in the way of income. Sales and commissions were less than expected. Web traffic continues to be a problem.


Compared to May, income earned for June dropped, as well as the commission percentage earned per sale. At least it isn’t as big a drop as it was last month.

Again, all commission sales earned during the month was from Amazon. This time only one of my 8 active sites made sales. All other sites remained dead. Even one lost sales because of a return.

I also discovered that my browser’s ad blocker warns me (and stops it at the same time) when I click on a Clickbank affiliate link. It doesn’t happen with other affiliate linked networks, only with Clickbank. Now that’s a problem!

In short, this month’s income was a paltry $33.


June’s expenses were reasonable. I bought several article packs to use on my less active sites to help revive them. However, every time I get prewritten articles, I usually end up rewriting them.

The other normal expense I had was Internet service. All told, the monthly expenses remained low.

Bottom Line

Unfortunately, I experienced another loss for June. It was not a big loss, but it’s still an annoying loss. This makes it the second month in a row to have a loss.

Second Quarter Results

The end of June also marks the end of the second quarter. If it wasn’t for April, I would have not made as much progress for the quarter. On the bright side, sales were better for each month in the second quarter than they were for each month of the first quarter.

At this point in the year, my actual income revenue is 62% of my targeted goal. First quarter was a big disappointment. But this quarter helped to make up for that big first quarter gap.

Tracking Stats

Not all tracking issues with Google analytics seemed to be resolved. For June, 2 of my sites show no stats. Each site reported no visitors for 3 weeks straight in analytics. I highly doubt those stats.

To be fair, in general web traffic is down for all of my sites. That has been the norm I’ve experienced for the month of June the last few years. Overall, June web traffic dropped by 17.9% over last month, and last month’s traffic dropped from April.

Other Issues

I now have 3 sites really not promoting anything. I am really behind on my website revamp schedule. Because I found several site’s product post links are not working that have to be corrected. Those posts were mainly created by a plugin that basically stopped working. Unfortunately, it’s a premium specialty plugin that is no longer supported.

Both of those sites have more than 200 products listed. And it takes me over an hour or so to redo each post to get it working again. All together, that means I have about 500 hours of work to get each one of those product posts up and running. That has put me behind schedule. It is times like these that makes it tough to have multiple sites.

Activity Report

At any rate, here is my latest activity report for June 2017 online business results below:

SiteSale PriceNet Earnings% of sale$106.21-$8.49return$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$739.92$41.355.59%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
purchases made-$27.97Article Packs
services rendered-$36.00Internet service
blog posts & reviews9-18.2% decrease
page views (avg per site)257-17.9% decrease
LISTS:Monthly sign-upsTotal subscribers
TSA0395No Offers
iMW055No Offers

End of activity report for June 2017.

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