Activity Report for July 2018

Activity Report for July 2018

Sales results for July was a big punch in the gut. Across the board, sales died on ALL my sites for July. In fact, it was the second worst month of the year. And it miserably failed to live up to expected results.


Only made sales from two different affiliate programs. Again Amazon was the lowest, sadly. This really hurts because 7 of my sites heavily focus on Amazon products.

Also, one of the sales happened on Clickbank. This could be an issue since they lost past sales I made from prior years. I contacted support and they said if I could prove it, then they would credit me those sales. The problem is that I relied on their record keeping and personally have no proof. I lost those sales anyway at that time because I failed to make the 5 different sales quota. Now I face the same problem. If I lose these last two sales to their policy, they can keep Clickbank.

All in all, my commissions total was just over $15. And as mentioned above, I may end up losing $10 of it. The target goal for July was $560. Sadly I missed it by about 97%.


July’s expenses were the highest so far this year. The biggest reason was I made a DFY sales funnel purchase that made up the bulk of the month’s expenses. Most of that funnel is installed now. But a few tweaks are still needed before it can be launched.

And of course, I had the usual monthly Internet service expense to pay.

So July ended up with $283 in expenses!

Bottom Line

July ended up being a BIG LOSS. I also discovered that a newer plugin I got at the beginning of the year is NOT updating Amazon products like it is suppose to do. This is a problem for two reasons. First, it keeps discontinued and out of stock items listed. Second, it isn’t updating pricing for products. Because of it, both sales and web traffic have dropped. This is hurting my bottom line!

Tracking Stats

Both posts and reviews dropped in July. I found myself chasing different website issues that plagued me throughout the month. Also I invested time to learn new things and bush up on other items I haven’t done for awhile. This took time away from me to write posts and reviews.

Web traffic dropped across the board for July. Only one site met or exceeded it’s monthly traffic target. Some sites were just plain dead. Yes they had some visitors, but not enough that mattered. I didn’t compare this month’s traffic to the same time last year either.

I also worked on my email marketing plans for several sites. Created templates so that adding new emails will be easier. Because of this, there was really no sign-up forms available yet. I’m targeting August to be the month for at least 2 of my sites. And I do have 178 emails loaded in autoresponders for those funnels just about ready to go.

Activity Report

And now here is my online business activity report for July 2018 below:

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End of activity report for July 2018.

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