Activity Report for July 2016

Activity Report for July 2016

activity report for July 2016 July has traditionally been a very slow month for me over the years with no sales, yet this one is an exception. The one great thing that did happen is this is the first July that I made some sales! Also those sales made were better than last month.

Because July has been a rough month, I’ve become accustomed not to spend money either – this July was no different with NO paid expenses for the month. This means that July was a profit month, no losses!

This also means that I’ve made sales over the last 8 months in a row, another first for me! I look forward to continuing the trend along with improving the number of sales each month.

I also increased the number of blog posts and reviews that I did over last month. I also wrote additional articles that are waiting to be published. I have a strategic reason behind the delay.

Since starting online in 2009, July has always been a low web traffic month for my websites. However, this time web traffic picked-up over last month by about 18%, something I didn’t expect but welcome with open arms.

I finally made affiliate sales with JVZoo for the first time. And I also continue to make record sales with Amazon. Also made an unexpected sale with a private vendor that I seem to do from time to time. I’ve been an affiliate for this company for just over a year.

Still struggle with Clickbank – no matter what I do, it remains difficult to make sales through them – and when I do, they don’t stick (refunds). I have a few more things to try before giving up on them, but if these too fall short by the end of the year, then I’ll be dropping Clickbank products from my list!

Surprisingly, I got 3 more sign-ups with another unsubscribe for a net of 2 more subscribers to my TSA list. I keep writing email for that list without finishing them or sending them out! I got to be more diligent with being consistent and just doing it. Also I’m ready to jump ship to another email service (will lose subscribers and links that way).

And I stopped promoting my other list (handled by a third party) because they are not keeping their end of the bargain. The emails they send out in my behalf are missing my affiliate links and they continue to ignore that issue.

I expect business to pick-up in mid-August and continue for the remainder of the year (historically speaking).

Without further ado, here is the activity report for July 2016 results for my online business operation:



$59.68  6.02%



$147.00 25.00%


$148.09   5.90%


$25.04   5.99%


$76.70  40.35%


Oct 2016






Purchases made


Services rendered








month gain

blog posts & reviews


6.37% increase

page views/avg per site


17.74% increase

2 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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