Activity Report for February 2015

Activity Report for February 2015

Hello-March-update Continuing with my online business transparency, sorry I’m real late with my activity report for February 2015 to share with you.

As I was preparing this report mid-March, life took an unexpected turn for me. I suffered a heart attack on the late afternoon of March 16th and rushed to the hospital. I was kept over and had a heart catheterization the next day. Since all went well, I was then release Wednesday afternoon of March 18th and told to “take-it-easy.”

I was also surprised to find, when I returned home, the amount of sales that I made during my absence with both Amazon and the iPro program I’m involved in. But since it was for March, I will save it for the March Activity report that I will do in April.

February was a bitter cold and expensive month for me and my business. I had domain name renewals due, hosting accounts expiring, and of course my quarterly autoresponder service to pay for. As you can see below in the services due section, that amounted to the bulk of my monthly expenses.

I also continue to be disappointed with the performance of some of my premium plugins as they are not doing what they are supposed to do. So I will have to look into more alternatives.

I made some Amazon sales during the month and put into place a trial plugin for one of my niche sites to see if it will help boost Amazon sales (early results have been positive).

I made the decision to drop 2 more of my sites that haven’t been producing anything since 2011. Even though one of them made an Amazon sale, it was far from the cost of running that site, so good-bye bestebooksaround (dot) com (or BEA & BEAB).

I also switched over to another hosting account that was much more affordable than the renewal of two of my current hosting accounts. In fact it will be a savings of $8.50 per month, plus an additional $10.99 per month for the other hosting account since dropping BEA.

And I did acquire 2 more sign-ups for my email list in which I haven’t done a thing with other than add to the project planning list. Running solo ads are part of that plan in the near future.

Otherwise, here are my costly results for February 2015:

BEA niche site




BEAB niche site


DPL niche site


GWN site


HSW niche site




LGT niche site


LMW niche site


TSA niche site


THO niche site










Purchases made


Services due




 Facebook Boost Ad





blog posts & reviews


page views/top 5 sites






(1 – FB boost ad ran)

total subscribers


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