Activity Report for December 2018

Activity Report for December 2018

December proved to be a profitable month, even though it wasn’t much. Expenses were kept at an all time low for the year. All in all, December did about the same as it did last year.


All December commission sales were made from Amazon which is no surprise. I got unexpected sales from 2 of my newer sites, and no sales from my best producing site. Go figure!

Web traffic improved for December. But all my sites suffered from hosting server downtime and errors which I will talk about in a bit.

Over all, I ended up making $743.57 in sales. However, I earned a much lower commission rate of just 3.9%, the lowest for the year. That equates to $29.24 in gross revenue (that I’ll get in 2019). Ouch!


December had the lowest monthly expenses for the year. I didn’t spend a dime and deferred the monthly Internet service cost to next year.

My overall business expenses for December were zero; $0.00.

Bottom Line

December ended up being a gain for the month. Yet it didn’t even come close to the set goal. However, I’ll always prefer gains over losses even if they are low.


Web Traffic:

Web traffic improved for December. It increased by 62.44% over last month. One site made its goal. Two sites came close. Three sites are still not being indexed. And the rest were disappointments.

What’s worse is the hosting server went down 3 times in mid December. Each time it was for several hours before becoming fully operational. And after the last incidence on the 19th, all my WordPress sites are having issues. Both 500 internal server errors and 404 missing pages. This shouldn’t be happening and their tech support department is worthless. Not good!

Article Posts & Reviews:

I continued to work on articles for several of my authority sites. But none were published either because I didn’t finish, or didn’t get the focus area completed.

Adding product posts and reviews became very challenging since the plugins that help me keep them updated stopped working! So I had to go through every product on every site to remove old pricing and change it to check for best price (or discount price).

Overall, I only added 14 more products and one post for the month. This is a drop of 34.5% over last month.

Email marketing and mail lists:

I didn’t even have time to address any email marketing matters for December. No emails were sent out. No new emails were created.

My hangup is that I need to learn how to integrate Amazon Web Services email delivery with my autoresponder. Until that’s done, my email marketing efforts will remain dead.

Activity Report Results

Even though December was frustrating for me, the results below show my online business activity report for December 2018 :

websiteearnedprice% of sale$0.00
purchases made-$0.00
services rendered-$0.00
blog posts & reviews15-34.5% decrease
page views (avg per site)217.762.44% increase
EMAIL LISTS:month's sign-upstotal subscribers
TSA0368Cold List
iMW064Cold List
BlueMoon0724Cold List

End of activity report for December 2018.

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