Activity Report for December 2016

Activity Report for December 2016

hello_jan_17In the past, December usually has been a ruff month for my online business. But this time, it was better because I made sales – even though not great.

December was also the lowest commission percentage of the year – at only 5.93%. That’s because my entire month was made up from Amazon sales only, the other affiliate networks were a bust.

Two of my website are not promoting anything, so it is difficult to make sales when that is the case. Something that will change for 2017.

I didn’t have any expense for December even though I came close to buying some software to help me with niche markets. And because my profit was low enough, I decided to wait until the first part of January to renew two of my domains.

That meant I posted another profit for the month. This is my FIRST YEAR to actually make a profit. Also it will be the first I’ll have to pay income taxes.

I also increased the number of blog posts and reviews for the month by 35.5%. In fact, it is the most articles and reviews that I posted in a month for this year! My experience has been that published posts take a while before they start showing results.

Even though overall web traffic increased for all of my websites combined, the average number of visitors per site decreased by 5.32%. The main reason is because there is one additional site in the mix and it will take some time before it starts drawing in traffic. Until then, my visitor numbers will be affected.

My email marketing efforts continued to be put on hold until next year, so I didn’t have any new subscribers for any of my lists in December. Two issues still plague me: having a reliable cost effective email service platform; and developing sustained email marketing campaigns. Obviously, these issues will be addressed and corrected for 2017.

I have already set 2017 goals that include adding a few more niche websites. Since I have a better handle on what is needed to make profitable sites, I’m going to extend it to these new sites which I’ll release one per quarter.

Until then, here is my recent activity report for December 2016 online business results below:



$118.62 5.29%




$114.19 6.23%


$649.19 6.00%









Purchases made


Services rendered








month gain

blog posts & reviews


35.5% increase

page views/avg per site


-5.32% decrease

0 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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