Activity Report for August 2018

Activity Report for August 2018

I thought July was bad. But sales results for August were even worse. In fact this August was so bad, the last time I had results like this was back in 2013! NO SALES whatsoever! All sites zero.


There were nearly 200 clicks from my Amazon product based websites, but no conversions – none. And my low end conversion rate is running around 6%. That should of resulted in at least 12 sales, but didn’t. And I’m perplexed about it.

Also, there was a healthy amount of visits to other affiliate offers I promote that ended up with no conversions. I was so upset by this that I even looked into seeing if my links were being hijacked or altered.

The bottom line remains, my commission sales total was zero. And over the last several years, August has traditionally been my second best month during those years. Not this time!


At least August expenses were low. There were a few opportunities I let pass by, but this also saved on my monthly expenses.

The only expense I had to pay was the usual monthly Internet service expense.

So August expenses ended up being only $36!

Bottom Line

So August ended up being another monthly loss. I also did not get my project launched in mid August as planned. I ran into a few snafus that needed ironed out. However, September is looking better for that.

Tracking Stats

Another perplexing event that occurred was my web posts for the month dropped by 22%. Yet my web traffic increased by 16%. And 3 of those sites had the largest number of visitors since being activated online. It makes no sense. And my bounce rate improved which means they were staying longer. Yet sales suffered.

Also, there were no email list sign-ups even though 2 lists are actively being promoted. I’m beside myself. I’m hoping with the launch of my new sales funnel, that things will turn around in September.

Activity Report

With that said, this is my online business activity report for August 2018 below:

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End of activity report for August 2018.

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