Activity Report for August 2016

Activity Report for August 2016

Hello-September-Update As it normally happens each year, my online business will start to pick back up in mid August. Sales continued for the month! This means that I have consistently made commission sales over the last nine months, which is a first for me.

August also was a month that I didn’t have any additional expenses for the month. This means that August was a profit month for me as well.

This is the second month in a row that I increased the number of blog posts and reviews that I did over the previous month. I also continue to write additional articles waiting to be published. I have a strategic reason behind the delay.

Web traffic during August dropped for all of my websites. This is somewhat unusual because from mid August on, I normally see an increase in web traffic that didn’t happen this time. Of course a few of my sites are seasonal, and with the drought in some areas, business is down for those sites.

I made the decision to drop Aweber as my email service provider. There are a few things that bother me about their policies and pricing structure (wrote an article about it on But my biggest reason for leaving is that I keep paying for a service that I’m getting no return on investment – not even one sale from that list.

Since my email marketing is currently in transition, I had to suspend all my sign-up forms. This means that I didn’t get any new sign-ups for the month for that list. I’m currently trialing another email service that has a better pricing structure and is small list friendly. But only time will tell if they will be any better.

My biggest focus for September will be to complete the email service transition and get back to email marketing for several of my sites since this service will allow me to expand to a larger list for the same cost. Once it is in place along with the newly created and activated forms, I should see an increase with the number of subscribers I have. Also hopefully will see additional sales as well.

Until then, below are the monthly results as shown in the activity report for August 2016 for my online business operation:



$147.14 5.70%




$272.99 4.10%


$22.50 7.38%


$24.95 90.02%


Oct 2016






Purchases made


Services rendered








month gain

blog posts & reviews


14.29% increase

page views/avg per site


-21.22% decrease

0 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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