Activity Report for February 2017

Activity Report for February 2017

This February was another weak month compared to February 2016. But at least income did improve ever so slightly from last month.


Percentage of commission earned, again was just 4%. That’s the lowest commission percentage it can go other than zero for no sales. The good news is that Amazon just changed their commission rewards policy for the beginning of March. That means for the items I promote will earn a straight 8% commission from now on… sweet!

Again, I had only ONE commission sale for the entire month. I addressed the problems with two of my niche sites to where they fully work again in mobile mode. However, there are still some design issues I need to correct. Even with these changes, no sales from either site.

Which bring up the next issue that effects income… a major drop in web traffic for all of my sites. At first I didn’t know what happened. But as the days and weeks continued, I’ve discovered a few important lessons that I will talk about below.


I had only one expense for this past month, and that was for Internet service. I know that there are several expenses coming up in March including renewals of software and domains. But I’m keeping expenses at this point to a minimum until I’m ready to ramp things up. This will include the expense of an autoresponder service in the near future.

Bottom Line

I experienced another monthly loss for this year. February’s loss was $32.40. It is not as bad as last month. And last month wasn’t that bad either. Yet it is still a loss.

I’m still restructuring my current websites, and offers, to improve results. I also have to address new issues that have come to light having a negative impact with my online business.

Tracking Stats

Even though I did actually write more reviews and blog posts compared to last month, I didn’t publish them. In fact, I only got 3 published which is a whopping 50% drop from last month! However, I did invest time with review posts already published and made changes to update them.

Also, the average weekly page views dropped again for the second month in a row, at a 24% decrease.  But there are some reason that I discovered why that number dropped.

New Issues

First Google analytics reported that some of the traffic stats were not accurate because of the filters I’m using.

Second, I discovered that Google search is punishing websites without SSL, or rewarding sites that do have SSL. It affects your site’s SEO ratings even if you have just reading content. In turn, that effects web traffic to sites. Now I’m in the process of finding out more about using SSL.

The four major web browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari) are going along with this. They show whether or not a site is secure or not by SSL certification means. It only helps to assure that the site you want to visit IS that site, it has nothing to do with the actual sites security!

Also another layer to the Internet has been activated known as http/2. You don’t see it as that, but it’s there. Why is this important? Well, http is now much slower and it takes more time for your site to load on it. Load time also affects visitors and bounce rates. Http/2 is much faster but comes at a premium. So now I’m also looking into hosting accounts that have http/2.

Here is my recent activity report for February 2017 online business results as shown below:



 $89.95  4.00%













Purchases made


Services rendered








month loss

blog posts & reviews


-50.00% decrease

page views/avg per site


-23.60% decrease

0 / 0

(2 different lists)

total subscriber



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