Activity Report for February 2016

Activity report for February 2016


Ouch! February was a hard month to deal with for me. Sales that were made in December, January, and February (from Clickbank) ended up all becoming refunds just before the guarantee time was up (from December on). It was all from the same information product as well. After seeing those results, I have to go back to the drawing board to figure out what happened so that I can make changes.

Since Spring is rolling around, I saw increased activity for several of my niche sites including a sale. Hard goods don’t seem to have the same level of refunds (much lower) than information products – especially in recent months.

Which brings up my next topic – selling information vs. selling coaching or active training sessions. It seems to be the current trend now where people are preferring to have others not only”teach” them, but to do it all for them, rather than read about it or watch how to do it themselves. More and more people seem to be gravitating to this method when searching for solutions. They want programs that already do it all for them instead, and want it all for free!

Still working on my own series of products and how to best do them since the revelation I had about the current trends for information based products mentioned above. Because of that, I didn’t get many new article blog posts published in February, even though I actually wrote several dozen articles.

Also I continue to neglect my email list to where I’m going to have to start all over again to build a rapport with them. It is hard to move forward with so much going on and only having myself to do it all right now. It’s interesting to note that when you most need the help of others to build your business is when you have the least amount of resources to get that help.

For whatever reason, Google analytics stopped working on 2 of my websites. After looking into it, I was able to get one site back working again, but there still is a problem with the other site.  I need to look into it deeper when I get the time.

I lost 2 subscribers from my list as I gained 2 more. Also got another new subscriber to my other list. And even though it isn’t shown, I actually have another email list of prospects with a vendor that are assigned to my affiliate account. So the emails he sends out to them (within the product promotion list), I get credit for the sale. Even though this sounds good, I haven’t experienced any sales of this kind as of now.

I was really gearing up for March when a sudden unexpected tragedy happened this past week, when my beloved wife of 34 years of marriage passed on early in the morning last Monday. I, along with family and friends, have all been devastated by it. Even now it is very difficult for me to write this. I just wanted to let you know what I’m going through at this time. It was also important for me to take a break from it all, to take my mind off of it by writing this post.

Until next time, here is the activity report for February 2016 results for my online business operation:





$47.00 44.85%


$141.29  4.00%



 $66.95  90.00%



coming soon






Purchases made



Services rendered










month loss

blog posts & reviews


0.00% no change

page views/top 5 sites


Analytics stopped working for 2 sites

3 (-2)

(2 different lists)

total subscriber

439 | 55


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