Activity Report for December 2015

Activity report for December 2015.

Hello-January-update-2December was another month of financial disappointments. Only a few sales were made even though my email list size doubled once again. The one big issue that I’m suffering from is not having any follow-up emails once the eCourse is completed.

I had a solid run of  solo ads for the month and almost hit my year end goal of 500 subscribers (444 instead) for my one niche website – that was a solid sign-up of over 274 subscribers for the month! Also experienced a 39.83% opt-in rate for the 5 solo ads that I ran. I changed my policy from double opt-in to single opt-in that helped increase that percentage.

Again, no progress was made during December on my product projects. So I have assigned a product project per month for the new year. There is more work involved with launching a product than just creating it!

I only focused on a few of my niche sites with Christmas holiday offers. I got a lot of hits and even initial orders for some of the items only to discover that the “cart” wasn’t working correctly after the fact. According to the Commerce stats on that site, I lost over three dozen sales! Rats!!!

At least this month’s expenses were significantly down from the previous month. The only costs I encountered were the solo ads I had purchased. I already had accumulated a credit balance that I used from previous solo ads that were canceled and used those to help purchase my solo ads for December.

I continue to spend time with my Amazon niche sites, which I hoped would really rock for the month of December. The niche websites that are setup more like an eCommerce site did much worse than my niche sites setup with product reviews. I did get 4 sales, but two were never shipped and I lost credit – of course they were the higher priced ticketed items.

Somewhat surprising, web traffic to my sites decreased this month when it should have been a banner month. Of course I really dropped the ball with my article publishing for those sites when I typically do at least 20 overall and instead only released a measly 4 posts!

I only worked up to December 23rd and used the remaining time to enjoy the holiday season, even put up a Christmas tree with some lights outside that I haven’t done since 2010! Really looking forward to 2016. 🙂

Without further delay, here are the results for my online activity report for December 2015 :



$17.98 4.00%




 $37.00 44.89%












Purchases made



Services rendered










month loss

blog posts & reviews


-85.19% decrease

page views/top 5 sites


-18.85% decrease



(2 different lists)

total subscriber

440 | 53



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