Activity Report for August 2017

Activity Report for August 2017

august-resultsAugust was a disappointment overall. It had a drop in income and in web traffic, not to mention an increase with expenses over July’s results. In fact August 2016 was better than this one. So far this year, instead of a steady rise and fall, it’s been a roller coaster ride – up one month, then down the next.


My only source of income came from Amazon sales. The other affiliate revenue sources remained dead, which is a surprise. Normally mid-August picks back up again, but not this time.

Also, I had difficulties with several of my sites not working correctly throughout the month. And I still have a few site not promoting as they should.

In a nutshell, this month’s income was less than $15. Even though this is greatly disappointing, at least I did have commission sales.


Service expenses remain steady for the month. However, I ending up getting a lifelong membership in a royalty free photo offer. It is a new service that gives me access to over 250,000 images in 4 size ranges and color options. It also includes an editing gallery that made this purchase worthwhile.

Overall, my expenses for August were $115. This was a little higher than I like it to be for the month.

Bottom Line

With a lower income and higher expenses than expected, I experienced a loss of just over $100. Talk about missing my targeted goal for the month. This means that I will need to do much better next month to get back on target.

Tracking Stats

I continue to have issues with Google analytics, and really am starting to dislike it. As I mentioned in my last report, I activated server side analytics for some of my websites. Also I added tracking stat plugins (slim stats & stat counter) to two of my other “lower traffic, high bounce rate” sites.

There is a BIG DISCREPANCY between what Google shows, and what these other services show!!!

Google didn’t have any web traffic show for some of my sites during my weekly check-ins. And after going to search console, there wasn’t any indication of tracking problems either. However, the server side showed a lot more visitor activity than what Google did!

Where I had installed the slim stats plugin (one of my higher traffic sites), the results were really different. The plugin showed more than double amount of unique visitors (non-bots) for the month than Google. And it showed me how visitors arrived and what article posts they are viewing.

End result, I will still keep Google analytics for site recognition, but use the stats I get (that are way more useful) from the plugins. Anyway, the average traffic stats on the report for the month (Google analytics) showed a decrease of about 26% from last month.

Other Issues

Site development has really slowed to a crawl. I am still having “resource” issues with one of my sites and even had the hosting company reduce it’s resources until it is under control. The server resource usage monitor showed a lot of faults being generated by this site.

So, I recently nuked (cleared) the database and reinstalled WordPress. Then I spent quite a bit of time setting the site back up again. This robbed my time I would have used for the other sites. The faults still remain (frequency), but the amount (level) of resources used was cut in half. This means that I will have to clear out everything and start over to make sure that all faults are addressed. Who said that operating websites are a blast?

Activity Report

Anyway, here is my latest activity report for August 2017 online business results as shown below:

websiteearnedprice% of sale$2.96$40.947.23%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00$10.30$137.897.47%$1.20$15.008.0%$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
purchases made-$79.00Stock Photos
services rendered-$36.00Internet service
blog posts & reviews07-30% decrease
page views (avg per site)262.9-25.45% decrease
EMAIL LISTS:month's sign-upstotal subscribers
TSA0395No Offers
iMW055No Offers

End of activity report for August 2017.

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